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Our Story

ACC Business is a specialized sales channel from AT&T that combines exceptional service with a flexible suite of IP, data and voice offerings.

ACC Business is celebrating its 20th Anniversary as part of the AT&T family. AT&T acquired ACC Business in 1998. ACC Business was originally founded in Rochester, NY in 1982 as ACC Telecom Corporation.

ACC Business is an Indirect Sales Channel for AT&T Partner Solutions with a robust network of external Solution Providers that market AT&T products and services to our customers.

We have become one of the nation’s premier providers of communication services working to deliver specialized solutions to cover the entire marketplace.

Conclusion: A look at our future

As we look ahead, we’re already making important investments into the future of our organization. In the past year, ACC Business grew its sales force by 50%, and we shifted our leadership structure with all indirect channels under Zee Hussain, senior vice president and channel chief, AT&T Partner Solutions.

AT&T Dedicated Internet ACC Business

Dedicated Access, World-Class Reliability

Your business relies on the Internet for many critical operations – electronic commerce, e-mail, remote access productivity and much more. ADI helps you consolidate management of your Internet needs with dedicated access, world-class reliability, optimal performance, scalability and security.

Fast, Round-the-Clock Access & Access Options

ADI provides a dedicated Internet connection for your business 24 hours a day. You will receive a completely managed solution with proactively monitored Internet access around the clock. Ethernet access options available from 2 Mbps –10 Gbps (some speeds may not be available in all areas).

End-to-End Management As You Need It

More than just an Internet connection, ADI is a complete solution that combines reliable access and world-class 24×7 support. You gain the quality and performance you need to conduct business over the Internet with confidence.

AT&T Virtual Private Network

AT&T Virtual Private Network (AT&T VPN) is a network-based IP VPN solution with a wide range of features and the flexibility to choose the options you require today, and over time.

AT&T VPN is provided over the AT&T Global Network utilizing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and provides high-performance, any-to-any connectivity to a single network, to help ensure that your business stays connected.

AT&T VPN addresses the importance of providing an agile, converged network to connect your locations and integrate both legacy and leading edge technologies in a secure, reliable environment which allows you to take full advantage of your networking capabilities.

Additional Benefits

Improve application performance utilizing classes of service (CoS) for enhanced traffic prioritization Optional services like AT&T Network-Based Firewall and AT&T Intrusion Prevention Services increase the security of your networking environment

Awards & Recognition

ACC Business Named Top Performing Network Supplier by Telarus, LLC June 27, 2018

ACC Business is thrilled to be the Top Performing Network Supplier for Telarus, LLC for 2017. ACC Business is a boutique, solution provider-only brand from AT&T with a 20 year track record of innovation, growth and leadership in the partner community. With ACC Business, customers get the best of both worlds: personalized customer service and a world-class network.

Telarus, a Master Agent of business data, voice, and cloud services, unveiled its 2017 top-performing suppliers during its annual Partner Exchange held in Boca Raton, Florida. Telarus has been a key partner in the ACC Business program for over 16 years and a multi-year winner of ACC Business‘s prestigious Platinum Cup.

“We are so honored to receive this award. We appreciate that Telarus partners choose ACC Business to access the highly-secure, reliable and scalable AT&T network. At ACC Business, we put Solution Providers at the center of our program, empowering them to help deliver their customers a personalized and seamless experience,” said J.D. Baker of ACC Business.

What I’ve Learned From 20 Years With AT&T’s ACC Business

Every leader experiences a handful of career defining moments: professional wins, business decisions, directional pivots and even mistakes. When they happen, you naturally pause, reflect, learn and charge ahead.

As the leader of ACC Business – a specialized brand from AT&T offering networking solutions – this month marks a defining career moment. This August, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our relationship with AT&T. It has exceeded my expectations and been a deeply rewarding experience for me and the ACC team.

Before AT&T acquired ACC Business, we were competitors. ACC Business was the underdog – the small scrappy organization in juxtaposition with the established Fortune 10 company. But through this competition, we saw tremendous opportunity for collaboration.

There was no denying AT&T’s industry leadership and the company’s ability to propel our business forward. And fortunately for us, AT&T recognized ACC Business’ established reputation and brand equity in the market. Our alignment proved to be a win-win for both organizations and afforded a distinct advantage to our customers who can tap into the global power of AT&T by doing business with us.

Since the beginning of ACC Business, we’ve embraced our size. Being small comes with benefits. We’re entrepreneurial, nimble and responsive – the qualities of a startup culture that we’ve maintained for 20 years.

By hiring team members who embrace these core qualities of our business, we’ve achieved an extremely low turnover rate. I’ve been at the company since the start of our relationship with AT&T and almost 20% of our employees are also celebrating their 20th anniversary. It goes to show, you don’t have to be a startup to benefit from a start-up mentality.