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Our Mission

BCN is proud to announce the formation of The Ducatus Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation. The core pillars of the Foundation include Leadership

Our Partnerships

Ducatus is proud to have been selected to partner with the Real Madrid Foundation, an instrument of the Real Madrid Soccer Club, in identifying locations across the U.S.

Our Programs

Our programs bring our Mission and our Partnerships to life. Together with the Real Madrid Foundation we will soon launch our first joint project for students in the Elizabeth

Perimeter Security Solutions

Protecting your network perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult and costly.

In any type of network services deployment, a thorough review and understanding of potential threats and a resulting plan for Network Security is not only important but essential. Every organization, from enterprise-level businesses with large user groups, to SMBs with smaller user groups, face the same challenge of securing their IT network and connected end-point devices.

Regularly we learn of network breaches perpetrated by individuals and organizations intent on attacking and penetrating a company’s network and devices with the goal of taking control of and harming those networks and devices. The impact of a security breach can range from inconvenient to catastrophic.

The BCN portfolio includes a full line of products and services that address the security of the Perimeter Network. These solutions include BCN provided physical hardware and add-on license software to address the many needs of Perimeter Security protection.


Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) simplifies the operation and management of the many network connections between sites in an organization.

SD-WAN lets you control how traffic is directed and prioritized across multiple uplinks, and enables your network to immediately and intelligently adapt to changing performance conditions — ensuring latency-sensitive traffic like VoIP or point-of-sale services have the throughput and optimization they need.


A BCN SD-WAN solution can also be integrated into your existing MPLS network; helping to bridge a full technology transition. Because BCN SD-WAN solutions are cloud-based, turning up new locations is quick and cost-effective.


Matching business requirements with the capabilities, features, and benefits of an SD-WAN solution is critical to a successful deployment. BCN technical engineering resources will work in support of your goals and help to design the best-fit solution.

BCN Wireless Solutions

BCN offers a variety of wireless solutions that can be deployed to meet each customer’s specific needs. Whether for primary, back-up/failover, or for hard to reach locations, BCN will uniquely tailor each solution. Customers with multiple locations can be assured that BCN’s range of wireless options means we’ll get you connected.

Fixed Wireless
  • BCN’s fixed wireless solution delivers a reliable, high-speed alternative to fiber access, and can be rapidly deployed as there is no dependency on underground fiber runs, construction and more.
  • Fixed wireless provides a dedicated point-to-point Internet connection and is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need high quality, dedicated bandwidth, with low jitter and latency.
  • BCN’s Professional Field Services team will manage the low-impact installation of the fixed wireless service which is relatively simple when compared to what is involved with wired services.

A proven connection that can scale with your business.

If you are looking to achieve lower network access costs, yet maintain the simplicity of support and configuration for your applications, then BCN’s Ethernet products are the perfect solution. Our Ethernet connectivity provides the speed and dependability you need when communication is critical to your business and downtime is not an option. Ethernet is a proven way to extend your LAN /WAN connections and enable you to run applications over the internet efficiently and with complete reliability.

BCN offers the highest availability, minimizing interruptions and keeping your business running smoothly. We monitor your network 24/7/365 and provide world class support when you need it. BCN also minimizes your potential risk by delivering networking capabilities on time and on budget. And we take care of implementing technology upgrades so you concentrate on your business. Our Ethernet Access is available in bandwidths from 1Mbps up through 100Gbps, in various increments, giving you the flexibility you need to choose the right option for your business today and grow into the future.

Products & Services

High performance, highly reliable voice and data networks are at the heart of every BCN solution. The ability to layer that solution with sophisticated managed equipment, monitoring services, and security options means a truly single-sourced option for clients with complex technology infrastructures.

The Solutions

We deliver sophisticated technology solutions that effectively support the unique requirements of each and every customer's business. And with our powerful online management portals, customers enjoy full visibility and account control. From hospitality, healthcare, and retail - to education, manufacturing and more BCN is ready to support your multi-location, multi-service, multi-network business.

Managed Router

A fully outsourced solution designed to effectively manage all of the routers associated with your network.