Bright House Networks

Telecom Provider


Tailored Solutions

Solution mix on demand. Bare-metal, Managed Services, DC cross-connection, network services and more.

White Glove Service

Customized solutions and marketplace, customer care based on SLAs and country of deployment.

Strategic Alliances

Partnerships ensure extensive coverage to support a multi-Cloud strategy.

Business as a Service (BaaS)

Bundled offerings tailored to specific requirements provide a foundation to run basic business operations.

Digital transformation requires the implementation of new technologies, as well as adoption of fundamentally different approaches to doing business and delivering services. But it all starts with the basic building blocks of data transport and communications. The challenge lies in stitching together these disparate pieces into an optimized solution that aligns with a business’ unique requirements. The solution, moreover, must be equipped to support innovation and the organizational change that accompanies the move to a digital environment.

Our Business as a Service (BaaS) offerings enhance, optimize and transform the foundational elements of communication, collaboration, Cloud-based delivery and mobility. By combining a focus on understanding customer requirements with a unique ability to bundle technology components, we provide solutions that optimize operations and enhance competitiveness. Whether it’s integrating a new acquisition, enhancing the productivity of a remote workforce or supporting the deployment of new branch offices, we ensure that your business foundation is cost-effective, reliable and secure.

Dedicated Internet Access

Keep your business connected – with customers, employees and partners.

In today’s competitive world, a service outage can have a significant impact on revenue. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to rely on internet access that’s unreliable and insecure. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides a single, reliable and permanent source for internet connectivity – with guaranteed bandwidth – to connect locations to millions of global internet users.

Our DIA solution enables enhanced e-commerce, with a variety of options available to meet needs to handle your most critical operations. Capabilities are supported by local network presence in major international markets across the Americas and Europe over a fortified and fully redundant backbone. Customers benefit from a highly reliable and secure private connection that delivers guaranteed bandwidth for critical business needs.

Extensive coverage

Convenient bandwidth options that allow your company to expand.

Ease of Implementation

Rapid deployment and upgrades to respond to changing business needs.

The more you collaborate, the better we integrate.

  • How can we optimize our investment in new technology while transitioning from end-of-life infrastructure?
  • What benefits can a UCaaS solution deliver around mobility, productivity and security?
  • How can we leverage cloud models to deploy an integrated solution for IP telephony and collaboration?

Unified Communications (UC) solutions can deliver a wide range of benefits that include cost savings, enhanced productivity and a seamless user experience. The challenge lies in optimizing investment to fully leverage existing infrastructure while transitioning to new systems and technology.

Our cloud-based UC solution delivers a seamless user experience and anytime, anywhere, any device collaboration under one platform. Benefits include flexible scaling through a pay-as-you-grow model, a range of cloud migration options, reduced costs and predictable expenses across all communications.

Speed, reliability and bandwidth options

While the foundational elements of Ethernet technology date to the 1970s, the technology has evolved and today remains an essential component of an enterprise communication and connectivity strategy.

Our Ethernet solutions offer a wide range of bandwidth options to deliver end-to-end performance with Class of Service/Quality of Service management capabilities. An Operations, Administration and Management (OAM) model optimizes customer service and ensures visibility through demarcation devices monitored by a Network Operation Center (NOC).

Scalable bandwidth options support business growth and provide connectivity to Cloud services, data centers, enterprise headquarters and remote locations around the world, as well as access to major cities from a single service provider. Bandwidth options range from 2Mb to 10Gbps, all with Class of Service (CoS) and performance assurance reporting.

Ethernet Private Line Service (EPL) gives you layer-two dedicated service with low latency connections. Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) provides classes of service and bandwidth management profiles. Carrier Ethernet services deliver point-to-point connectivity between customer locations, data centers and Cloud services.

Contact Center Services

World-class capabilities for businesses of all sizes.
  • As a smaller business, how can I ensure a seamless, quality experience for my customers?
  • How do I cost-effectively optimize the ROI of outbound marketing campaigns?
  • How do I leverage insights from social media to benefit my business?

For small and mid-sized businesses, quality interactions with customers across multiple channels is key to gaining an edge. One negative interaction can taint a relationship for the long term, and missed opportunities to gain insight from customer data can erode competitive advantage.

We can help level the playing field against your larger competitors. Our customer engagement solutions leverage business, technical and industry-specific expertise, as well as sophisticated data analytics and customer metrics. An agile approach ensures a business focus and optimal use of resources.