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Board of Directors

Cogent's Board of Directors is comprised of 7 members, including Cogent's CEO and Chairman of the Board Dave Schaeffer.

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Corporate Governance

Cogent established an Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Disclosure Committee, Nominating

Products & Services

Cogent offers a targeted range of products and services designed to fulfill the high-speed connectivity requirements of our customers.

Dedicated Internet Access

High performance bandwidth for Enterprise customers, supported by world class customer support, ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Fully non-oversubscribed and backed by one of the best SLAs available, Cogent Dedicated Internet Access is provided over fiber in one of Cogent's 2,884 On-Net buildings, or Off-Net using telco tail circuits.

IP Transit

Provided over Cogent's Tier 1 all-optical next generation IP network, one of the largest of its kind and the most interconnected with more than 7,220 Autonomous Systems connected. Cogent's IP Transit service offers reliable and scalable connectivity at an optimized cost level, both for accessing content and applications as well as delivering them worldwide to eyeball networks.

Global Peer ConnectM

Global Peer Connect (GPC) is your on-ramp to the Global Peer Exchange, a Worldwide Connectivity Platform to exchange Internet traffic, much like an IXP (Internet Exchange Point), just brilliantly global, elegantly flexible and radically priced.

IP Transit

Cogent's IP Transit service offers the best value in the market place. Powered by the most interconnected network in the world, it offers high quality, scalable and affordable bandwidth. Combine our wide choice of service locations with our outstanding connectivity to major access and content networks throughout the world, and you will understand how we turned thousands of carriers, service providers, and application and content providers into loyal customers.

Our IP Transit service runs over Cogent's worldwide Tier 1, IPv6 enabled, optical IP network - one of the largest of its kind with over 58,000 route miles (93.300 km) of long-haul fiber and more than 36,700 miles (58.000 km) of metropolitan fiber. Cogent's Autonomous System AS174 has direct connectivity to more than 7,220 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world and over 260 Tbps internetworking capacity.

We will impress you first with the simplicity of our product and sales process, then with fast provisioning of your service. Our professional customer support team, conveniently located in North America and Europe, will make your life easy and ensure that your service lives by our SLA - our commitment to outstanding performance and sustained reliability.

Product Features

FULL SLA. Our SLA guarantees 100% global network availability, 99.9% packet delivery, less than 45 milliseconds roundtrip latency and proactive outage notification within 15 minutes.

Global Peer Connect

Exclusively from Cogent, Global Peer Connect (GPC) is your on-ramp to the Global Peer Exchange. With a Global Peer Connect port, you will have the ability to peer with any other participant in the Global Peer Exchange in any of over 1279 carrier-neutral data centers and 54 Cogent data centers worldwide.

Global Peer Connect features 10GE burstable ports on the Global Peer Exchange with no term or bandwidth commitment. LAG is available for GPC ports, should you have the need for greater bandwidth.

The Global Peer Exchange (GPE) is a Worldwide Connectivity Platform to exchange Internet traffic, much like an IXP (Internet Exchange Point), just brilliantly global, elegantly flexible and radically priced. Once connected to the Global Peer Exchange, any network can set up dedicated VLAN connections to any other GPE Participant, using the discovery and connection platform to find peering partners.

Any Network can join Global Peer Exchange

Whether you are an ISP, a Carrier or a Service Provider, an Online Applications / Content Provider, or even a large Corporation, as long as you run your own network with an Autonomous System Number (ASN), Global Peer Exchange is right for you.

Meet all other GPE Participants on to express your interest and connect, upon the click of a button. Set up your peering session and exchange traffic between your networks, whether traditional Internet traffic flow, video streaming or corporate VPN traffic.

Ethernet Services

Our Ethernet transport services let you transmit your most sensitive data across the globe or across the street - you provide the data and we transport the packets. We provide solutions that fit your private line needs, whether it's point-to-point or multipoint-to-multipoint, hub and spoke or full mesh. Take advantage of our large capacity pipes and configure them as you wish.

Cogent's reliable Tier 1, MPLS-enabled optical IP network connects to 2,884 office buildings and data centers, while our Off-Net capabilities extend our reach exponentially, giving you secure access to the information you need to collaborate in real-time.

Ethernet Point-to-Point
  • VLAN-based connectivity that provides dedicated bandwidth to your locations.
  • Flexible configurations and topologies
  • Reliable and secure data transport
VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)
  • Any-to-any / multipoint-to-multipoint connects all of your sites with a single Ethernet port at each location
  • Flexible enough to support dynamic applications that can be shared in real-time and scalable across all of your locations
  • Simpler and more cost-effective than traditional private line services - you benefit by connecting every site to an Ethernet VPN that provides a secure, high speed network


Cogent's worldwide Tier 1 optical IP network is one of the largest of its kind, with direct IP connectivity to more than 7,220 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world and over 260 Tbps internetworking capacity. Cogent's network is IPv6 and MPLS enabled, providing state-of-the-art solutions for businesses. Being a facilities-based carrier, Cogent takes advantage of full end-to-end control over its transport and routing technology to provide reliable and scalable service.

Service LocationsCogent has over 2,884 strategically located points of presence throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
Cogent's superior network architecture and virtually unlimited bandwidth enable us to offer impressive network performance, as shown in our public performance statistics.
Cogent executes a selective peering strategy, a combination of two separate, yet interrelated initiatives: extensive private peering and selected public peering agreements.
Looking Glass

Cogent's Looking Glass provides information about backbone routing and network efficiency with the same transparency that customers on our network receive directly.

Dedicated Internet Access

Cogent's goal is simple: To unleash the potential of the Internet by making vast quantities of bandwidth an affordable reality for your business. Our unique ability to provide a higher performing service at a lower price makes Cogent an obvious choice.

Cogent is ranked among the top five networks in the world. Our Internet access is dedicated, non-oversubscribed and backed by one of the best SLAs available. Cogent is a refreshing change from your traditional telephone company. We will impress you with our simple product, rapid service installation and proactive customer support. Our ability to provide reliable, yet affordable bandwidth has turned thousands of businesses into loyal customers.

Cogent provides On-Net Internet access to more than 2,884 buildings directly connected to our IP backbone. In these buildings, Cogent's optical fiber physically runs through the building.

Cogent provides Off-Net Internet access to more than 208 markets. Off-Net traffic also runs over the Cogent network, but a telco tail circuit connects the customer to our IP backbone. Off-Net service allows us to extend our reach exponentially, making Cogent service available to hundreds of thousands of additional businesses.