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Internet service that’s built for speed, reliability and security! Discover the advantages


Smart, simple, & ultra efficient monitoring that keeps your business safe.


Monitor and manage your business - view live feeds, receive alerts, control utilities
An Internet Service Built For Speed, Security And Expandability At Industry Leading Prices!

Introducing the Internet service that’s built for speed, reliability, and security! Discover the advantages of a solution that’s personalized for you and your industry that expands with you as your business grows. With nationwide availability, Comm-Core’s selection of plans at industry best prices can’t be beat!

Fitting All Your Phone Service Needs Into ONE Great Service!

Every single day your business relies heavily on the power of the Internet. You may depend on it for gathering and sharing data or for other unique purposes. The most important aspects of your Internet service is that it works quickly, is always secure, and most of all… is fully reliable to be up and running when you need it. 

Comm-Core offers some of the fastest, most reliable and most affordable Internet packages on the market that includes Broadband Cable, Fiber, MPLS and much more! We service locations nationwide and take pride in finding the perfect solution for your business specific to your industry and locale. Plus, we’ve carefully designed our Internet services to grow with your business as your needs change.

Perfect background music for your business. 

Tired of overspending on music for your establishment? Comm-Core Music lets you engage your customers and increase staff morale while creating an atmosphere that can produce higher revenues, all at an industry-best, low price!

Perfect Background Music For Your Business

Are you looking for an easy and reliable music solution for your business environment? Now thanks to the unique music solution offered by Comm-Core, you can finally be in full control of the music that plays in your office. Comm-Core Music offers one of the single largest selections of licensed, 100% commercial

free music in the world!

Unlike other music services that lack variety or current updates, Comm-Core Music updates its own music library daily with the latest hits that are in big demand. And thanks to our smart algorithm, it’s always learning and improving what it plays based on your own tastes. This means you’ll enjoy a smooth stream of the music you desire, without overplayed repeats, and songs you’d rather NOT hear. Use the simple “one click” feature to instantly stop songs with inappropriate language or ban artists you simply don’t like either at all times, or only during certain times of the day.

Comm-Core Security Is a Complete Suite of Interactive Security and Monitoring Services

Introducing the industry’s most complete suite of advanced security, awareness, and energy management solutions. Monitor and manage your business - view live feeds, receive alerts, control utilities, and more on site or remotely. With 24-7 access, your business is always protected and running smoothly no matter where you are.

Business Monitoring and Security…Done Right!

Let’s face it; the security of your business is essential. No matter if you’re a single property business or a larger, medium sized business with multiple locations… making sure everything is safe and secure from attacks, or even theft, is critical. The solution is Comm-Core Security, a complete suite of advanced security, awareness and energy management solutions. With 24/7/365 access, there’s peace of mind knowing that your business is protected and always running smooth no matter where you are.

Complete Control…Right At Your Fingertips!

We offer a wide range of commercial services that are impossible not to absolutely love. It all starts with ease of use. Thanks to our smart mobile technology, you to have complete control right at your fingertips. Our mobile management platform allows you to access and control all of your settings via your smartphone or tablet and receive any important alerts as well.

Enjoy State-of-The-Art Video Surveillance That’s Loaded With Features and Functionality!

Experience the ultimate in security, quality, and reliability.Comm-Core Surveillance is a state-of-the-art, video surveillance solution built on the world’s best streaming and storage technologies using the “cloud”. The result is a leaner, higher quality service that costs less to operate than competing products and scales perfectly for any size business.

Meeting Your Demands For Security Surveillance!

When it comes to keeping your business safe and secure, video surveillance is something to take very seriously. Unfortunately, there are so many aspects to consider and options to choose from that it can make the entire process frustrating. However, we here at Comm-Core take the confusion out of the decision making process with our Hosted Video Surveillance Solutions! We understand that every business is unique and that each has its own type of security needs. That’s why we offer a custom tailored solution to fit your business’ exact needs from our wide range of hosted or blended environment video surveillance solutions.

Introducing The Innovative: Caught On Cloud™

Caught On Cloud™ is Comm-Core’s new state-of-the-art secure hosted video surveillance solution that’s built on the world’s best streaming and storage technologies using the “cloud”. Caught On Cloud™ gives you the ultimate solution in security, scalability, quality and reliability. Simply take any of our video surveillance security cameras, place them where needed, and then connect to our Comm-Core open platform using our simple instructions. Then you’ll be all set!


Telephone Service For Businesses

Leave your outdated, traditional phone system for the new versatility, ease of use and flexibility of a phone system powered by the Cloud. For over a decade, Comm-Core has added “big business” features to this affordable solution to create today’s best quality business phone systems for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Fitting All Your Phone Service Needs Into ONE Great Service!

When it comes to finding the perfect phone system that is fully capable of meeting all the demands and interests of your business, it can be downright overwhelming and even frustrating. Comm-Core understands that as a business owner, you have to take into account multiple considerations in order to make the correct choice.

Thanks to Comm-Core Telecommunications, a powerful VoIP communication solution, not only do you get a complete phone system that meets all of your needs, you also get a phone system that is reliable, affordable, and also works seamlessly with your own business. 

Internet Powered Business-Class Phone Service…

Business owners are saving money, time and resources by leaving their outdated, traditional phone service and experiencing the new versatility, ease of use and flexibility of a phone system powered by the Internet. This expanding, cloud-based technology uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide a phone system (PBX) its functionality, or an IP-PBX. This system can be hosted inside or outside your business, depending on your needs, to provide you the fastest, most reliable and affordable phone service available today. 

For over a decade now, Comm-Core has been perfecting this technology from its infancy to provide today’s best quality VoIP phone systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By using Blended Architecture, which combines the aspects of on premise and Hosted VoIP solutions, Comm-Core has the versatility to provide scalable and feature-rich phone solutions for any business owner. We deliver an amazing 99.999% uptime of business class IP services and also use a 40GB “backbone” to smoothly run our Hosted VoIP platform!