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Evolve IP

Virtual Data Center

Enjoy the security and compliance of our world-class, HITRUST-certified datacenters – protected by biometric access controls, state-of-the-art fire suppression, 2x redundant power and more than 20 points of internet connectivity.

Disaster Recovery

Deploy a customized solution that precisely fits your performance requirements, risk profile and budget. Choose from simple data backups to complete business continuity solutions with guaranteed recovery SLAs and full IT support.

Virtual Desktops

Deliver a “virtual” workspace with secure “anywhere, any time, any device” access. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) avoids the endless cycle of purchasing, supporting, upgrading and replacing local PCs.

Phone System Integration


The Evolve IP hosted phone platform seamlessly integrates with many leading CRM and business applications, such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, Google Apps and more. With this CRM integration application, businesses can deliver the true promise of unified communications by providing end-users valuable features right within the applications they use daily.

It allows users to make better use of time speaking with valuable prospects and customers, rather than looking up contact and account information manually in their CRM. Inbound calls can automatically open contact information in your CRM. Users are also provided the ability to click-to-dial from CRM records, control their phone from their CRM, automatic call logging and much more.

Evolved Office: UC-One

Evolve IP improves employee productivity with a proprietary application that works with PC, MAC, Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets. Users have the ability to securely communicate from any location productively. Pre-integrated with the Evolve IP hosted IP Phone System, UC-One features instant messaging, phone and calendar presence, desktop sharing, soft phone and video calling, management of call flow settings, and more. Many businesses are taking advantage of UC-One for remote users and road warriors to capture, track, report, and integrate all calling from the hosted phone system & log calling over into the business CRM or OSS.

Ossmosis Portal

Unprecedented Control Over Evolve IP Services

The OSSmosis Portal has two login options: Administrator and Personal. The OSSmosis Administrator Portal grants full access for IT Administrators and other personnel to control your Evolve IP technology across the entire organization. The OSSmosis Personal Portal grants an individual user complete control over telephony, voicemail, and conferencing functions.

OSSmosis Administrator Portal

The home screen is essentially designed to keep you updated on our latest product developments & roll-outs. It contains links to numerous functions & reports that you can easily jump to, access & modify.

  • Create and schedule call detail reports
  • Trace all your inbound and outbound calls
  • Review any changes made on the platform by the administrator
Live Training

Evolve IP believes in continued education and we provide live training on a regular basis on all of our cloud services. For instance, when you’re on-boarding a user, you can engage into a live training that is held by our corporate trainers on all of our products on a monthly basis.

Speech Analytics and Call Recording

AI-Driven Speech Analytics & Call Recording Software

With Evolve Recap businesses turn call recording data into actionable insight. Organizations can analyze data points across conversations, capture critical call attributes & improve interactions, all in a simplified, automated, compliant manner.

Why choose call recording from Evolve Recap?

With people working anywhere, most in-person interactions & meetings have moved to virtual calls. Whether you’re conducting interviews for recruiting purposes, coaching via distance learning, having M&A discussions or are a healthcare worker practicing telemedicine; having a compliant, voice-integrated speech analytics platform is critical. Evolve Recap captures, highlights & stores key moments of your call, saves time spent by eliminating manual reviews or taking notes, and ensures calls and transcripts are available at your finger-tips at a moment’s notice.

Evolve Recap changes how businesses use call recording software by extending its benefits beyond the contact center and into every part of an organization. Evolve Recap integrates with Evolve IP’s Unified Communications & Collaboration solution, including Teams & takes your conversations into business-ready data across the enterprise to optimize decision making & support remote working.

Evolve Teams Enterprise Voice Features

Get access to all of the enterprise-grade PBX features and contact center functionalities along with Microsoft Teams - everything that your business requires now and in the future

Evolve Teams Features

If you’ve deployed Microsoft Teams or are planning to, you already know that it is the fastest growing collaboration platform world-wide. While Microsoft Teams solution delivers world-class collaboration features, they do not deliver an enterprise PBX and PSTN.

While some providers are able to deliver SBC and PSTN and others offer a Teams integration using a third-party app or bot, neither of these options are long-term and holistic in nature.

Evolve IP differentiates itself by integrating it’s Microsoft Teams direct routing solution with the most stable and reliable voice-communication platform, Cisco. This unique offering not only gives businesses access to advanced PBX features, but also maintains the Teams end-user experience (including mobile).

User Features by Seat Type

Deciding the right Teams package can be tough. Here is a side-by-side comparison of Evolve IP’s voice-enabled Teams solution. For more information, please contact us.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Guide

Section 1: RACI

Thanks for your interest in learning more about the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution. This overview dives into the major considerations you’ll want to think through, as well as provides advice on implementing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing independently or with a 3rd party enterprise voice provider like Evolve IP.

Section 2: Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Essentials

When you decide to implement Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution, Microsoft becomes your primary platform for both collaboration and communications. The solution requires users to be licensed for Microsoft Office 365 E1, E3, and E5 packages. These licenses contain the Teams application which is the primary application users will interact with daily.

IMPORTANT: The Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice solution drastically improves when an outside provider is selected as the Cloud Services Provider (CSP), but it is not required to deploy the solution.

Why? As great as the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution is, there are some significant gaps that make it less than ideal for many businesses. Generally, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is fantastic ‘out-of-the-box’ for small businesses but falls short for mid-sized and enterprise organizations. Here are just a few examples.

Implementation & Training

We provide dedicated resources for your entire customer experience – from design to deployment to support - and with a 94% associate retention rate you’ll always have a familiar name to call.

Ensure your staff is fully prepared to leverage new technology

New tools, systems and software can be overwhelming for your agents without strong Change Management efforts to ensure your staff is fully prepared to leverage new technology. Evolve IP has successfully implemented hundreds of customers and developed best practices to ensure your success. Our customer-focused implementation and agent training is done in parallel with your existing system so that employees will be 100% comfortable before they are “live” with the new system. Unlike other cloud-providers, the time to deploy our services is counted in days not weeks or months. Contact Center Practice

Our team of Product Specialists possess years of operational experience in call centers AND hundreds of customer implementations to draw upon when designing your new call center. Rarely do we find a customer who is “happy” with their current call center design/call flows. We start with a blank “canvas” and learn about your organization’s priorities, customers, types of calls, agent alignment strategy, reporting needs, etc. so we can build the optimal solution for you. We understand that call centers rarely “sit still” and will also help you tweak your call center any time you need our expertise to help you fully leverage your technology investment. There is

Consulting Services

We are always happy to share best practices and recommendations with our customers whenever you need the advice of our seasoned call center professionals. If you need us to take the next step and implement those changes, we can provide those consulting services on an hourly basis.