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Enhanced Data Security

GTT SD-WAN includes end-to-end encryption for secure data transmission across our network and the public internet.

A Single, Managed WAN

Take advantage of the benefits of SD-WAN without the risks of unpredictable costs and operational complexity.

Agile Networking

GTT’s SD-WAN “future-proofs” client networks. By virtualizing network functions such as routing, firewall and WAN optimizatio.

High Capacity for Optimal Performance

GTT’s Wavelengths deliver secure, high-speed connectivity and guaranteed bandwidth, allowing organisations to easily scale network capacity to meet their increasing bandwidth needs.

Diverse Capabilities and Service Options

GTT’s Wavelengths are offered at speeds of 10G and 100G. Both service options are available with OTN, SDH/SONET or Ethernet interfaces. We also support native wavelength (virtual fibre and spectrum services), as well as other common data centre protocols.

Fastest Path Across the Atlantic

GTT Express is a 4,600 km transatlantic cable that is composed of six fibre pairs with 53 Tbps of capacity. The cable system provides the lowest-latency connectivity and route diversity between major financial, media and commercial centres in North America and Europe. Latency performance is under 59 ms on the New York-to-London route.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Market Segments

GTT’s Wavelengths are designed to meet specific capacity, diversity and latency performance requirements of the most demanding industries. Carriers, ISPs, web scales and enterprises can leverage our managed wavelengths to scale up their networks as bandwidth requirements grow, synchronize and manipulate big data, and support other content-rich network transport requirements.

Leading Latency That Delivers a Competitive Advantage

GTT’s low-latency infrastructure provides high-performance connectivity to meet the most latency-sensitive requirements. From accelerating financial trading to optimizing response times on e-commerce sites, GTT’s low-latency offering provides the speed and security your business requires to stay competitive.

Powering the Global Financial Ecosystem

Take advantage of fast speeds and secure connectivity between the leading financial centres of the world. GTT’s low latency offering meets the demanding needs of financial exchanges, global banks, trading houses, market data providers and more.

The Fastest Route Across the Atlantic

GTT Express is a state-of-the-art transoceanic optical cable that offers the absolute lowest latency between North America and Europe — under 59ms from New York to London. We offer five ultra-low-latency service options on GTT Express, providing the ability to tailor latency to meet the network performance requirements of your business-critical applications.

Advanced Security

For clients seeking maximum capacity, security and control, GTT’s Dark fibre offers a comprehensive set of services available across a broad geographic footprint.

Multiple Distance Options

GTT’s vast network includes dense metropolitan fibre footprints, multiple intercity routes and pan-continental subsea connectivity, allowing you to connect as your demand dictates.

24/7 Fibre Management

GTT uses superior, carrier-class telemetry to detect fibre degradation before faults occur and locate break sites to within five metres. This is backed by our 24/7 NOC and local field teams to assure we meet our stringent SLAs.

Multiple Fibre Type

Our homogenous deployments of long haul G.655 dark fibre and metro G.652 dark fibre, ensure higher predictability, which is fundamental for optimal network design.

Total Protection for Your Critical Business Assets

Staying ahead of rapidly evolving security threats is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today. GTT offers protection through multi-layered security and comprehensive consultancy packages, working with your business to secure it against all potential threats.

Cloud-Based + Premises-Based = Defense-in-Depth

GTT’s Managed Security offerings are designed to be comprehensive yet flexible, allowing you to choose from security delivered from the cloud, on-premises or via a hybrid approach. Managed Security reduces the risks associated with blended attacks, and provides security alerting, reporting, compliance and response to speed resolution times.

Proactive DDoS Mitigation

DDoS attacks are growing significantly year over year, costing companies millions of dollars in lost revenue, diminished brand reputation and customer churn. GTT’s DDoS Mitigation service is a proactive offering that immediately detects and removes malicious traffic, ensuring business continuity, even in the event of a large-scale DDoS attack. The service leverages Corero’s next-generation DDoS platform technology, which provides immediate threat detection, deep packet inspection analytics and filtering of compromised traffic at GTT’s scrubbing centers. The service is available in always-on and on-demand versions to meet a broad range of customer needs.

One Connection to Global Communication

GTT’s SIP Trunking transforms how enterprises do business helping drive productivity and efficiency by integrating diverse communication capabilities onto a single global platform.

Flexible and Interoperable

Our SIP Trunking offering is interoperable with all major UC platforms and can be seamlessly integrated with legacy equipment. Thanks to GTT’s direct peering with Microsoft, we can deliver dedicated SIP trunks to a client’s Microsoft Teams service. Clients will benefit from the lowest latency connectivity between GTT’s voice network and Microsoft Office 365.

Comprehensive Global Footprint

GTT offers a full suite of international services, including DIDs, toll-free, termination and emergency services, providing expansive reach on a global basis. Our global, fully redundant and robust SIP-based network has been specifically designed to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive communication services.

Drives Cost Savings

SIP Trunking is capex-efficient and easily integrated with GTT SD-WAN, MPLS or Internet services thereby eliminating the need for public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateways and ISDN BRIs or PRIs. The service also reduces local and long-distance costs as site-to-site calling is included at no charge. Managing outbound calling is simple, as calls are charged from a single, shared rate card for all sites.

Managed Network Services

GTT’s Managed Network Services ensure the health of your network through diverse, worldwide service from network monitoring to full management of your CPE devices. Our engineering experts will procure, install and configure your network equipment quickly and efficiently.

Flexible, Diverse Offering

With GTT’s Managed Network Services, you can choose from a wide range of GTT-supplied and supported CPE devices, such as Cisco, Fortinet, Accedian, ADTRAN and Cradlepoint. From routers to switches to wireless access points, we install and manage your equipment and provide various support packages to ensure your sites stay up and running.

Proactive Approach, Optimal Performance

As your managed service provider, GTT offers proactive monitoring services, providing full reporting on your network performance and the health of your CPE and circuits. Our comprehensive metrics are delivered on a per-circuit basis and include core latency, throughput, circuit speed, jitter and CPE up/down status, providing you with ongoing insight into your network health. We send ICMP pings every three minutes to check network availability for quick and proactive resolution of issues.

End-to-End Management

Our fully managed CPE service option includes proactive network monitoring, network and CPE configuration and full device management. Benefit from our expertise with full life cycle management of the CPE — from analysis of need and proof of concept to selection and device deployment. We also provide change management, configuration archival and management, administrative task support and bug fixes.

Managed Connectivity Across Devices

Provide secure network access to your employees across business locations with Managed WiFi. Our WiFi services eliminate the hassle and expense of monitoring and managing a wireless network with end-to-end management. We design, configure, deliver, monitor and manage your service using GTT-provided equipment, which is backed by a 100% repair and replacement warranty.