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iM DataCenters

Cost Control

Anyone can build to failsafe standards with enough money! The key to intelligent development.

Modular Data Centers

iM manufactures groundbreaking standalone modular data centers, customized to exact requirements.

Dedicated To Quality

Quality is the result of careful planning, organization, creativity, intelligence and single-minded dedication to excellence.

Unique Modular Approach

‘MultiBlox’ is iM’s modular solution for side-by-side, connected blocks to provide open, contiguous, user-friendly data center areas, powered and supported by ‘Core Blocks’ configured to fit adjacent and connected to ‘Data Blocks’ that each house twenty-five deep IT racks.

iM tailors solutions to accommodate larger modular data centers on a single level configured with expandable, connected side-by-side pods to create ‘Data Blocks’ with open, contiguous data center space that’s easy to work within. Data Blocks are powered by separate Core Blocks, configured to support, fit adjacent to and connected with Data Blocks.

iM’s MultiBlox are:
  • configured as ‘Data Blocks’ & ‘Core Blocks’
  • Data Blocks contain twenty-five deep IT cabinets
  • Core Blocks contain entry, power gear & other support components
  • standardized IT power densities up to 15KW per rack
  • side-by-side connected pods to create open, contiguous datacenter space

a new option

for small, enterprise-class data centers

iM’s modular solution for compact self-contained data centers containing five to twenty server racks within a single block is named ‘MonoBlox’. Away from major metropolitan areas, there are very limited high-quality data center outsourcing options available. Regional governments, hospital districts, enterprises, SMEs and many other types of organizations need hardened, well-connected primary data centers, and are not inclined nor able to depend wholly on the Cloud. EDGE storage, content caching, IoT, and distributed compute requirements need small data centers at multiple locations beyond the secondary and tertiary markets for faster local access, better service, lower transport costs, reduced origin server loads and network decongestion. Small data centers can also serve as perfect sanctuaries for disaster recovery and business resiliency operations.

unique modular approach

iM tailors solutions for small modular data centers are configured as self-contained, single pods containing as few as five server racks. iM’s factory-built, standalone modular server data centers accommodate N+1 and 2N typologies, installed on demand, wherever and whenever required. These standalone structures are Category 5 hurricane-proof, and tailored for all climates and conditions.

Operations Services

data center operations management

Keeping facilities running can be a distraction for companies that would rather concentrate on their core business. iM provides customers with a pragmatic and cost-effective resource to outsource facility management to insure infrastructure uptime.

keen oversight

Our experience creating and operating mission critical facilities has honed our management skill sets, including space planning, pipe and conduit coordination, as-built drawings, equipment additions and replacements and expansion coordination to keep from getting painted into a corner.

technical support

iM’s smart hands provides a variety of technical support functions including installation, implementation, storage, monitoring & reporting options on a highly competitive basis. Clients can step away from the daily demands of their IT requirements and let iM manage their network, servers and cloud computing environments. Our highly-trained technicians draw upon comprehensive IT & network services experience to provide an array of customized support solutions.

Planning Services

Holistic Approach

Optimal site selection demands precise and thorough analysis of all factors that will determine a location’s viability. We understand mission-critical issues such as access to fiber, electrical power requirements, structural load capacities, clearances, communications grounding, generator and fueling set-ups, adaptability for specialized HVAC needs and a myriad of other salient elements. Our ability to perceive and apply this specialized knowledge paves the way for the most cost effective and rapid facilities deployment process.

Ala Carte Services

Our pre-construction consulting resolves all key elements before a shovel ever gets put in the ground. Our extensive experience owning and operating our own colocation data centers cuts through the mystery of the hows, whens and wheres of migrating IT platforms and data center operations. iM assists to whatever level the Client wants, including strategic IT platform planning, migration and relocation logistics, structured cabling and infrastructure design, optimum locations for business resiliency facilities and any other aspect at the intersection of information systems and physical IT infrastructure.

Modular Sub-sea Landing Stations

hybrid stations

iM provides turnkey solutions for manufactured modular mission-critical telecom to house interconnection operations, subsea landing stations & carrier switch nodes for exterior locations. As similar as mission critical telecom requirements are for different switch sites, there is no cookie cutter design that works perfectly for any two requirements. Well-designed and constructed landing stations and data centers will always have a close relationship to their unique surroundings and specialized data functions and demand a fresh look for every requirement.


For our own development projects, we have built metro-area fiber optic conduit systems with the requisite laterals into the key telecom buildings. Connectivity is the life-blood of business, and we understand all of the issues related to building underground fiber pathways in urban areas and have repeatedly solved them.

The Need For speed

Telecom facility deployments often need to move very quickly, and the iM team has the perfect pedigree for quick movement. Building modular, factory-built type facilities further speeds up the process. Our schedule-driven project management system was developed for and is perfectly suited to meet tight timelines, especially when working on fast-track basis. We have been using CPM scheduling for all of our projects from the day we opened our doors in 1986.

For one Client, iM designed, engineered, built and installed eleven 1,200 SF, three-piece modular carrier colocation buildings at every 60 miles along a new fiber backbone, each facility manufactured, delivered, installed and commissioned within six weeks of order. These unique, hardened, mission-critical modular carrier hubs were installed at locations previously underserved with bandwidth options, as a high-tier solution for carriers that cannot afford downtime.