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Infinite Conferencing

Web Collaboration

Integrates with Onstream Meetings, Webex and Skype for Business

Customized Greeting

Personalize your call with a customized introductory greeting

Event Coordination

Work with our coordinators for more complex calls

Market Research

Do you need to expand your market research nationwide? If so, Infinite’s market research solutions may be just what you need. Our leading phone and web conferencing services offer market research solutions that include valuable reach and flexibility in an incredibly affordable package.

Depending on your type of research, any number of invitees from anywhere in the world may participate in your study, survey, or research project.

Online Market Research Focus Groups

By combining our operator-assisted phone conferencing with our WebInterpoint web conferencing, you can conduct nationwide online focus groups using visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, document sharing, control passing, text messaging, polling, and more.

Our live operator will greet your participants and collect the information you request before separating moderators and participants into appropriate sub-conference rooms. Whether participants dial in or we dial out to them, our operators will read introductions and closing scripts, provide focus group monitoring, and follow through with customized post-conference follow up reports.

Legal Teleconferencing Services

Winning a case and representing your client effectively can often come down to simple communication. Many times, the critical person needed can't be physically present in front of you. When your success and the future of your client rest on depositions, arraignments, witness communications, partner meetings, and more, you can't risk not having a valuable communications service.

Reservationless Legal Teleconferencing Services

You don't need a reservation to start a conference call with our reservationless legal teleconferencing services. Fully automated, you receive a dedicated dial-in number and entry code for our 24/7, on-demand reservationless legal teleconferencing services.

You can host up to 100 callers with no reservations required. With simple monthly invoicing that breaks out client and host usage, our reservationless legal teleconferencing services are easy and affordable.

Operator-Assisted Legal Teleconferencing Services

When you need full service conference calls, choose our operator-assisted legal teleconferencing services. Our experienced staff can tailor our advanced reservations required service to suit your needs.

Web Conferencing

Corporate communications is an essential function in today’s business environment. Whether you have to convey important information to your shareholders or stakeholders, if your goal is to drive web traffic, introduce a new technology or product through PR, or you need to circulate an imperative companywide annoEvent Ca.


Infinite, an Onstream Media company, is a pioneer in the webcasting industry and has developed the industry’s only truly all-in-one software and services-based webinar solution that includes a dedicated team and producer to ensure success. Eliminate the worries by letting us handle the details of your next webinar, enabling you to focus on your business and delivering the best story, visual experience and tailored content to your desired audience’s interests.


Infinite Conferencing helps small to medium-sized businesses broadcast important audio and video content to customers, prospects and partners in an interactive, high-bandwidth, measurable way. The seamless integration of PowerPoint, Q&A sessions and real-time polling capabilities further empower you with the tools you need to effectively communicate with key global audiences en masse.

Sales & Marketing Presentation Tools

Increase your sales and marketing efforts with Infinite’s online presentation tools and event services. Connect with your prospects anywhere and at anytime allowing you to show the world what you have to offer. Watch your prospects go from being a lead to a paying customer as you generate sales and awareness through our online presentation solution.

Whether you use PowerPoint slideshows, web based application tours, software demonstrations, or simple web meetings, our audio and web conferencing tools allow you to control what prospects see on their internet-connected computer.

Whether you need help focusing your topic and topic audience, finding speakers, setting goals, or you just need our base conferencing services, Infinite’s experts can help. We know how to plan and implement successful marketing webinars; after all, we do it every day.

We offer two affordable solutions; full service and do it yourself. With only an internet-connected computer, phone line, and browser needed, both of our marketing webinar services are simple. Delivered via audio through a standard telephone conference call dial-in number or through computer speakers with audio streaming, Infinite makes marketing webinars professional, effective, and affordable.

Reservationless Audio

Reservationless Audio is easy-to-use and allows you to meet spontaneously and instantly with participants from around the globe. There is no need to book your call in advance; simply use your office or mobile phone anytime and from anywhere.

Whether you are part of a Fortune 500 company or a small business, the Infinite Reservationless Audio service will help accelerate the way your business collaborates. This informal, on-demand service is available wherever and whenever you need it and can make your discussions more interactive, more immediate and more convenient.

Set up your meetings rapidly

With convenient access from any telephone, you are immediately connected with your participants in a virtual meeting room that is available 7x 24 x 365. By simply providing your participants with a phone number and pass code, they can dial in to your meeting from where ever they may be.

If you need to include additional participants once your meeting is underway, you can have an Infinite Operator dial out and add them.

Control the contribution of your participants

You have complete control over each participant’s involvement including their ability to speak and/or hear your audio meetings. In addition to the person-by-person controls available with Online Tools, you can mute/un-mute all participant microphones with a single command. These control features are essential in dynamic meetings that involve many speakers or where speakers are calling from noisy locations.

Exceptional security for your sensitive meetings

Infinite offers a number of features that allow you to confidently know who is in your meeting including: announcing participants as they join, replaying participant names as part of a roll call, identifying the number of participants, and the ability to keep additional participants from joining.

Personalize your meetings

You can customize a number of features to reflect your preferred meeting style. Your choices include how participants are announced as they enter and exit your meeting, whether meetings can start without the chairperson, and if participants hear music while they wait for your conferences to begin.

Guard your account from unauthorized usage

A number of features help you manage unauthorized usage of your account. For example, by choosing to receive an email summarizing meetings as they occur, you will be alerted to unauthorized usage before your monthly statement arrives.

Global Access Numbers

Global Access allows people from over 50 countries to join your audio conference by dialing in-country telephone numbers. Telephone numbers include both International Toll Free Numbers (ITFNs provide toll-free access) and Direct Dial International access numbers (DDI numbers provide local toll access). Together, ITFN and DDI access numbers eliminate the need for participants to remember international dialing prefixes and country codes while also reducing the cost of joining conference calls.