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High Quality

Reliable, high-quality service that works from anywhere.


Lingo's 100% native VoIP network ensures your business stays up and running.

Affordable Pricing

Get the total package with abundant features for one low monthly cost.

Wholesale Customers

Impact, a Lingo Company, is a leading provider of US domestic and international voice solutions for carriers around the globe. As a nationwide Feature Group D (FGD) network with dedicated service to wholesale voice and over 300 carriers connected to its network, Impact presents the best and most comprehensive solution to carriers.

With a strong base of customers in the US and Canada, we emphasize high quality and reliable domestic and international termination services – which we also prioritize for our wholesale customers.

Impact’s Network Capabilities

The switching infrastructure of Impact's IP-based network is designed for carrier-grade performance with fully redundant architectures at the software and hardware level and geographical redundancies to maximize service uptime. The Impact native VoIP network can interface with SS7, ISDN, DTMF and VoIP protocols. The infrastructure also utilizes SIP, H.323 and MCGP protocols to manage the soft switches and application layer of the network.

Disaster Recovery

Impact’s disaster recovery protocol leverages our relationships with multiple Tier 1 domestic carriers. Traffic can be easily rolled over to one of these partners using our least cost routing capability.

Advanced Phones

Lingo's extensive collection of business media phones deliver crystal clear communications for enhanced collaboration and personal productivity. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, our high-quality, affordable phones improve internal and external business communications.


The LingoConnect Hosted PBX Mobile App is the comprehensive smartphone and tablet solution for LingoConnect. With integrated usability, performance, and technology, the LingoConnect Mobile App amplifies the LingoConnect service for increased interconnectivity!

Easily make and receive phone calls from your desktop!

Get improved productivity, enhanced device and call management and increased flexibility with the Softphone solution for your PC or Mac. with a softphone that enables VoIP telephone calls from computing devices.

Recommended to be used with LingoConnect Hosted PBX, the Softphone solution enables simple inbound and outbound calling and three-way conferencing capabilities from your computer’s desktop.

Lingo Blaze Broadband

Lingo Blaze is our leading Broadband internet access product designed for business, providing unrelenting internet access speeds for all your critical business communications needs.

Blazing fast internet speeds Up to 400Mbps with no caps on Data Usage. The underlying fiber-rich network is always being upgraded to give your business the advantage, as internet access needs, cloud applications and other data demands continue to grow in your business.

With exceptional High Up Speeds suitable for the growing office using our Hosted PBX service and other Cloud applications, Lingo Blaze is all provided and supported by Lingo Communications, your single provider for all your business communications needs: Voice, Cloud and Broadband.

Why not have all your business-critical services provided and supported by Lingo alongside your Lingo Blaze, including our amazing Lingo Hosted PBX service, Lingo Unwired Mobile Phone Lines and emergency copper Phone and Fax/Alarm Lines too for added security.

No Hidden Charges

Lingo does not ‘nickel and dime’ you like most of our competitors do with charges for modems and massive additional charges in the form of fees or extra added surcharges that makes your circuit charge look like a minor part of your full invoice!

How Residential VoIP can Improve Your Home Phone

LinoConnect is a new generation Voice over IP home phone replacement and app-based voice service offering industry-leading features, reliability and quality. The service can be used from any traditional home phone when connected to the LinoConnect VoxBox or from an easy to use smartphone and tablet app.

VoIP isn’t just for business purposes. Homeowners can also ask our residential VoIP providers about our solutions and start saving on their monthly phone bills.

Residential VoIP phone systems work like their commercial counterparts: you use the Internet to make local, international, or long distance calls without worrying about low-quality or expensive calls. All you need is a simple analog telephone adapter to connect to your Internet and old phone to make a call.

The Better Alternative to Traditional Phones

With a residential VoIP plan, you won’t need the hardware and wires that come with analog phones.

VoIP is pretty simple to use and set up. Make calls from any telephone or computer connected to the Internet with a broadband connection. Call friends and loved ones using your PC or phone at a fraction of the usual phone company costs.

Voice Conferencing

Our audio conferencing service enables your business to hold conferences calls with employees and customers for enhanced productivity, connectivity, and collaboration. Reliable and easy-to-use, our audio conferencing service is available on demand, enabling you to create conference calls whenever necessary without a reservation or within a timeframe.

The convenient features allow participants to simply dial-in to enter conferences and hang up to leave with announced entry and exit, informing conference participants who have joined and left the meeting. With Toll-Free access, comprehensive customer support, and user-friendly features, our audio conferencing service is the conferencing solution for your business.


WebEx is the advanced web collaboration tool for compelling, engaging, and interactive meetings, enabling your business to communicate across departments and with partners and customers seamlessly.


Our easy-to-use LingoConnect Hosted Fax solution streamlines your faxing experience to increase your business communications capabilities with a simple to maintain interface that is easy to operate and is accessible from any device with a web-based portal.

Un-chair Your Office

In today's mobile world, it's becoming more common for businesses to function virtually. Having employees work from home offices or offices in different parts of the country, rather than all in one local office, has many advantages. LingoConnect Hosted PBX offers a reliable virtual phone system that keeps your employees connected to each other and your customers 24/7.

All Telecom Features In One Package

While communication plays an integral role in the daily operations of your business, it’s not an aspect that actively generates revenue for the company. One of the most beneficial things about using a small business PBX is that everything is connected - providing a one-stop solution. Let LingoConnect take care of the technical communication stuff so you can focus on the core of your business.


Lingo’s PBX business phone systems can incorporate everything from standard calls over a reliable online link to video conferencing and call reporting by leveraging existing hardware, including smartphones ensuring a smooth and affordable upgrade.


There’s nothing worse than dropping a customer due to a poor phone connection. When all aspects of your system are handled by the same hosted PBX provider, you can be sure that your company is ready to enjoy improved call-quality and reliability at all times. No stress, no miscommunication, and no distractions from other areas of your business.

Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a phone system users can access over an IP network. This hosted service provides all the features that come with traditional PBX systems, but it eliminates the need for creating and managing your own in-house PBX system.

Your hosted PBX providers will build and host the system for you.

How Does That Work?

Service providers connect the hosted PBX to client telephone systems through the Internet or IP-based networks. The information from the IP network bounces to the Cloud, where it goes straight to your provider’s data center. The data center acts as a server that connects you to our platform.

Upon receiving a call, the hosted phone system routes that call to the corresponding client. In the same manner, the client connects to the service provider’s PBX system using IP-based phones to make or complete a call.

One Less Thing to Worry About

Virtual PBX systems for businesses are off-site solutions, which means your business doesn’t have to invest in expensive software, hardware, and training. Our team will set it up and deploy it for you. In some cases, we can grant users access in less than a day.