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Power your employees with feature-rich calling capabilities on any device, anywhere in the world. Masergy Unified Communications powered by Cisco.


Keeping teams digitally connected across the globe has never been easier. Spin up a video or conference call in seconds, add team members, customers.


Remote never has to mean removed. Successful meetings can take place in any coffee shop or living room in the world—and from any device.

Fully managed services with Masergy’s SD‑network

IT leaders are increasingly adopting managed SD-WAN services over do-it-yourself solutions. That’s because a fully managed service makes it easier to maximize WAN uptime while also minimizing management overhead. Want an SD-WAN service that empowers your IT team to focus on innovation but also provides the highest quality performance and agility across the globe? Masergy pioneered software-defined networking two decades ago, and we’ve been engineering and managing client networks to deliver on service excellence ever since.

Our fully managed SD-WAN services leverage Masergy’s secure, edge network along with Fortinet’s edge devices that include embedded security. With Masergy’s three NOCs and SOCs on three continents and a team of highly skilled engineers, you can be confident your network is monitored 24/7. And with the only pure software-defined network backed by industry-leading SLAs, you can be certain your SD-WAN solutions will deliver the performance and reliability that’s vital to your business continuity.

The best of both worlds with a co‑managed SD‑WAN solution

The SD-WAN market has traditionally offered a binary choice when it comes to the deployment and management of network services. Either you take a do-it-yourself approach, tackling installation, maintenance, and daily management using your own IT staff or you opt for the fully managed service, paying the provider to handle everything for you. The problem is, these two options force you to make difficult decisions around cost and control.

Service management: Control and convenience

Masergy's co-managed solutions allow IT organizations to share the work of managing their business, network, and firewall policies. Beyond standard configurations, you can customize rules to meet your specific network and application requirements. You get the keys to our management portal, where the SD-WAN Orchestrator’s self-service controls allow you to drive changes to network and security policies, all with end-to-end visibility into performance.

Why Masergy for financial service firms

Financial firms must constantly balance the demand for omni-channel services that are accessible from anywhere, with the need to ensure cybersecurity at every level. Masergy gives you agility and control with innovative solutions that deliver the flexibility, visibility, and security your financial services need and your customers demand.

Secure your financial transactions and protect consumer data

Financial institutions and their online transactions are in the crosshairs of hackers, and the increased use of mobile devices, cloud applications, and IoT is compounding security complexity. With so many connected customers and devices, cybersecurity is more important and yet more difficult than ever for financial services. When you need to rapidly identify and address security threats in real-time, Masergy offers the network visibility and security operations teams banks and insurers need.

Faster, more agile IT with lower TCO

Learn how Ingenico leveraged Masergy’s Managed SD-WAN service across 88 global locations to lower costs, manage growth, and improve security.

Why Masergy for manufacturing

Manufacturers must balance dueling priorities, reducing costs and improving efficiency all while making strides in digital innovation. Technology presents the opportunity to achieve it all; IoT, AI, and software-defined networks are helping lean IT organizations do more, faster. Masergy gives you agility and control with innovative solutions that securely deliver flexibility, productivity, and cost efficiency.

Enable smart factory operations

The proliferation of IoT, mobile devices, and wearable technologies means real-time data can be fed into production lines for increased insight and productivity. Smart factories and intelligent manufacturing processes use this data to drive step-by-step improvements in performance and safety. Manufacturing companies rely on Masergy’s SD-WAN to securely connect their supply chain and manage IoT traffic from a myriad of devices across a global footprint of smart factories and production facilities.

Manufacturing solution brief

Smart manufacturers need a smart network. Manufacturers are constantly striving to gain efficiencies across supply chains while protecting their data. Masergy helps global manufacturers do both.

Why Masergy for professional services

Law firms, consulting agencies, and real estate businesses are built on their reputation, and their reputations are built on client trust. To earn that trust, firms must provide the highest level of responsiveness. To meet that standard, they require a network that balances the need to safeguard client data with the need for flexible services that are always on and accessible from anywhere. Masergy gives you reliability and protection with innovative solutions that deliver the flexibility, visibility, and security you need--and your clients demand.

Secure your clients’ critical information

Professional services firms are entrusted with safeguarding highly sensitive client data–from intellectual property to case files and business records. With customers spread across the globe, cybersecurity is more important and yet more difficult than ever. When you need to rapidly identify and address security threats in real-time, Masergy offers the network visibility and 24/7 security threat monitoring and response you need.

Enhance communications and collaboration

Professional services firms are embracing voice and video conferencing to extend their digital reach and improve their operational efficiencies. Video meetings and virtual client collaborations are all on the rise, placing new demands on legacy networks. Poor quality service and downtime are not an option. Masergy’s Unified Communications, powered by Cisco Webex and embedded in the Masergy SD-WAN platform, ensures crystal clear communications whenever and wherever it’s needed.