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AI isn’t science fiction, it’s now and it’s here to help you. Get your data to work for you with MetTel’s Intelligent solutions.


MetTel’s partnership with the most trusted wireless carriers in the U.S. provides a reliable network to keep your mobile workforce.


Protect your business and your customers from ever-increasing cyber threats with MetTel’s Cloud and Premise Firewalls and DDoS Protection.

Improving your network just makes sense. And dollars.

When is a Cloud Firewall needed to protect your network? When you are trusted with other people’s money. Financial institutes require real-time functionality, the absolute latest security measures, increased system redundancy and resiliency, and the highest level of reliability. Because every penny counts.

Gold standard network.

MetTel’s proprietary takes the best from the big carriers and builds it into one infrastructure with increased reliability, redundancy and higher bandwidth. MetTel’s high threat protection performance with automated visibility will stop network attacks.

End to end service.

Make MetTel your single provider for hardware, service and management, which reduces your IT burden and gives you one vendor to turn to and one invoice to manage.

Scalable VoIP.

Our cloud-based VoIP options are simple to manage and scale easily from bank branches and wherever you expand. Layer on TrueUC for a highly collaborative workspace for your mobile employees.

Get on board the next industrial revolution.

Manufacturing doesn’t look the same as it did twenty years ago. IDC predicts that by 2019, 50% of manufacturers will use cloud-based crowdsourcing to collaborate with customers on improved product designs, and there are more changes on the horizon including exciting innovations like AI and IoT.

Full service advantage.

MetTel’s managed services approach means you can purchase equipment, accessories and applications — all from one vendor to equip your mobile office. We ensure that everything will work together to give you connectivity and next generation products you need.

Guard your assets.

MetTel’s security solutions provide next generation cloud-based Firewall service paired with SD-WAN which enables economical expansion of bandwidth with enterprise-grade performance needed for the most critical and demanding applications.

Single provider benefits.

Let MetTel be your single provider for hardware, service, and management. Reduce your IT burden and experience increased reliability, redundancy and higher bandwidth.

Connect With Your Customers On The Network Of The Future.

The travel industry depends on great service and the meaningful human interactions that you can provide. Connect with your customers on a network that’s reliable, scalable, and able to adapt to anything the future brings, whether pooling coverage across carriers, virtualizing resources via software-defined networks, or connecting to the Internet of Things. 64% of travel and tourism businesses deployed IoT solutions in 2018. Let MetTel help you join them.

Remote collaboration.

MetTel’s TrueUC app makes remote communication between mobile workers easy and efficient. Our innovative technology makes teamwork from afar a breeze.

All in one

MetTel’s managed services approach helps you equip your mobile office in one fell swoop, by providing network equipment, security, VoIP services, mobile devices, accessories and applications from one vendor.

Connect to customers.

Optimize your customer service communication with our Cloud Contact Center. Moving your contact center to the cloud gives you a solution that uses predictive analytics to lower operating costs and improve business performance and customer interactions over voice, email and chat.

Make your business smarter.

AI isn’t the future, it’s now. And it’s here to help improve your business. MetTel’s AI for Communications can perform a wide range of functions like network diagnostics, trouble resolution acceleration, pattern identification and more. From creating a more resilient network to further enhancing proactive customer service, MetTel has the intelligent solutions you need.

Make your data work for you.

It’s impossible for a human to comb the vast amounts of data and determine and actionable insight. That’s why the MetTel Portal looks at the data for you and finds places to save time and money.

Predict the future.

MetTel AI for Communications analyzes network performance and identifies potential issues before they occur, thereby making informed decisions about aspects from provisioning of resources, assessment of inventory, allocation of assets, prioritization of trouble tickets and more.

Read minds.

With data collecting solutions like Wi-Fi Analytics and Integrated SMS, you’ll gain a deeper insight into your customers, allowing you to serve them better and in turn grow your business.

Mobility beyond your expectations.

MetTel provides forward-thinking control over all of your company’s phones and mobile devices. Our managed mobility solutions are designed to reduce your IT burden and lower your costs. We provide all staging, kitting and procurement plus total mobile device management and better, wider coverage.

Improve efficiency.

MetTel has enterprise mobility management tools that will show you what you’re doing right and where you could do better. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your business, your whole business, from anywhere.

Analyze this.

Our team builds and hosts custom reports that give you insight into spending patterns, variances, and forecasts by your location, region, state or system-wide. SD-M provides better protection and compliance with network-based security and controls. Pay for exactly what you need and only what you need.

Centralized set-up.

MetTel’s mobility solutions are easily set up and integrated into your existing systems. With our centralized kitting and deployment, your devices always arrive ready to use right out of the box.

Digital Transformation

Technology’s relationship with business is evolving at a breakneck pace. Does your enterprise have the tools to keep up and differentiate from the competition? MetTel’s managed and customized communications solutions, combined with our proprietary network, give your business the agility to successfully adapt to the fast-changing market.

Easy oversight.

Manage your inventory, usage, spending, and repairs from the MetTel Portal, powered by Bruin, our centralized, user-friendly platform with a dashboard view. MetTel manages your solutions from deployment through monitoring and security. Should you need an assist, there’s only one place to turn: our award-winning customer service team.

Migrate to the future.

MetTel will replace your legacy hardware with innovative technology to transform your communications for a fast-changing future. Our private network interconnected with diverse circuits allows you to easily deploy and manage advanced voice, data, wireless and cloud solutions worldwide.

No need for a plan B.

Keep up the quality of your service to your customers by eliminating outages through diverse, redundant circuits. On-premises hardware is prone to failure and falls on your IT team, but MetTel monitors its own failsafe network, providing backup for the backup as well as advanced software-defined alternatives such as SD-WAN.