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Privately held & FCC Regulated with a Sound Network Infrastructure including Multiple Voice and Data Backbones


Dedicated project management team oversees implementation and onsite deployments to ensure a smooth transition


We own our platform technology, which means we control the features, functionality and support of the system.

nCloud Survive

All circuits are monitored by our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center, so even though an outage may not be noticed by users, NetCarrier will notify the appropriate contacts and resolve the problem.

The Wide Area Network (WAN) is the most vulnerable part of any customer’s network. It’s the segment that spans out over telephone poles and through underground conduits, which exposes it to the elements and other dangers. As more and more companies move their applications in to the cloud, the WAN connections become increasingly more important for the core functions of their businesses.

nCloud Survive provides redundancy between multiple WAN connections to ensure that a circuit outage doesn’t affect voice services. NetCarrier’s design utilizes constant link monitoring, dynamic VoIP routing, and core-to-edge router peering to ensure an immediate and smooth transition between connections.

NetCarrier recognizes that when a phone call drops, it affects a company’s reputation and bottom line. With nCloud Survive, phone calls remain connected through network outages.

Cloud Ethernet over Fiber

High-speed Ethernet is a requirement for many business applications and as the existing copper infrastructure ages, it is being replaced by high-capacity fiber optic networks that are ready to support the next generation of businesses.

nCloud Ethernet over Fiber is your all-access gateway to the nCloud suite of products. When doctors need to share high-res images between offices or when banks require a secure, reliable connection for financial transactions, they depend on nCloud Ethernet over Fiber.

NetCarrier utilizes the following providers for last mile connections; At&t, Verizon, Comcast, Cogent, and Crown Castle. These connections can be strictly dedicated internet access or can be brought back to NetCarrier’s network for an added layer of QOS.

  • Dedicated Fiber Optic Circuits Built Directly To Your Business, Available In Point-To-Point
  • Speeds From 3Mbps Up To 1Gbps
  • Eliminate Deteriorating Copper Infrastructure And Gain Peace Of Mind
  • No Equipment To Buy

SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is a VoIP technology that allows NetCarrier to provide full-featured voice services to any user with a SIP-enabled PBX. If your PBX supports SIP technology, you may be in line to save money over traditional telephone architecture. NetCarrier’s SIP offering includes the following:

NetCarrier’s SIP offering includes the following:

  • Increased flexibility with no limit on the amount of calling channels
  • Touch tone, 900 blocking and 976 restriction features
  • Any four optional line features
  • Unlimited or pay-per-minute local and long distance options
  • One directory listing
  • Can be provided over another carriers’ bandwidth for cost savings

NetCarrier may also provide managed router services. The decision to add a Managed Router for SIP Trunking should always be dependent on the preference of the PBX and IT Vendor first. The following scenario’s require a NetCarrier provided managed router.

Voice Services

NetCarrier has been deploying voice over IP (VOIP) services successfully since the late 1990s. Teleflex was the first VOIP product NetCarrier offered. This service was able to improve utilization of bandwidth by dynamically allocating voice and data traffic on the same connection. This service is able to save the customer resources, provide them better pricing, and increase monitoring capabilities. These dynamic services are offered in a PRI, Analog, and SIP handoff.

The Teleflex Base Package includes the following:
  • Broadband – Shared Network Speeds Up To 500MB Delivered By The Local Cable Provider
  • A Variety Of Delivery Options, Compatible With Virtually Any Traditional Or IP Phone System:
  • Analog, Digital, PRI And SIP
  • A Variety Of Access Options:
  • nCloud Ethernet Over Fiber – Up To 1GB Dedicated Access
  • One Directory Listing
  • Touch Tone, Hunting, 900 Blocking And 976 Restriction Features
  • Four Optional Line Features

NetCarrier’s Channel Partner Program

Channel Partner Programs

NetCarrier’s Channel Partner program offers Telecommunication Consultants, VARs, Managed Services Providers, and PBX Vendors the opportunity to sell NetCarrier services in exchange for aggressive residual commissions and upfront bonuses.

Agent Programs: NetCarrier works with partners to determine the agency agreement that fits their business model best. We have standard, platinum, and gold programs available. Each level offers aggressive residual commissions and upfront bonuses. NetCarrier provides our Channel Partners with varying levels based upon revenue metrics.

Value Added Reseller Program

NetCarrier’s Value Added Reseller Program (VAR) is the perfect fit for VAR’s all over North America to privately brand our nCloud solutions without the hassle of being a service provider. Managed Services Providers, PBX Vendors, IT Vendors, and Telecom Wiring Professionals are all perfect fits for the nCloud VAR program. There are ZERO upfront costs, and more importantly, we pay YOU! We take all of the risk out of being a white label provider by billing and collecting from the customer, and paying the VAR aggressive residual commissions for selling, installing, and maintaining the customer base.

Referral Partner Program

Millions of workers all over America are unemployed or underemployed. As a NetCarrier Referral Partner, you can quickly generate enough residual income to pay credit card bills, car payments, or even your mortgage.

Unlike our other programs, the NetCarrier Referral Partner Program does not require you to be an industry expert. We provide the knowledge and expertise, and you use your business relationships to simply refer potential customers to NetCarrier. We do the leg work, and you sit back and collect your check; it’s that simple.

Master Agents

NetCarrier partners with some of the top master agents in the industry. Already have an agreement with one of our master agents? Contact your rep and find out more about selling NetCarrier services. Master Agents are dedicated to helping their partners succeed. They provide marketing and sales support for all their partners. Access to hundreds of solution providers to fill your portfolio with.