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Telecom Provider


Hybrid Networks

Let Nitel design the optimum connectivity solution from a portfolio over 1,100 vendors to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Security Solutions

Protect your business from internet-based threats with a managed, next-generation security solution right-sized for the needs.

Voice Services

Select a voice solution that best fits your traffic patterns and volume, delivering simplicity and value to your organization.

Hybrid Network Connectivity

Simplify A Complex Network Landscape

Nitel simplifies the complex telecom landscape for carriers and service providers through our highly interconnected network that delivers instant ubiquitous coverage at the best price.

Flexibility to Handle Your Specific Needs

Through comprehensive analysis, we understand your current IT landscape, future plans, challenges and business priorities to ensure our solutions are responsive to the precise needs of your business. Armed with that information, Nitel can determine the best connectivity options for each location.


Private network connections that enable meshed connectivity among business locations and traffic prioritization to enhance performance.

Dedicated Internet Access

Fiber or copper connectivity to the internet with guaranteed bandwidth backed by Nitel’s service level agreement.

Dedicated Internet Access

The Performance You Expect And The Speed You Need

In today’s sharing economy, connecting your people to what matters most to them is critical. Nitel works around the clock to make sure your dedicated internet access works around the clock too.

Performance is in our DNA

Supported by a backbone of industry-leading technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, your business is in the best position to grow.

Related Services

Sure, internet access is something every business needs. But when you pair it with these services, you’ll improve performance, security, control and visibility and drive your business to the next level.


Maximize application performance and network resiliency, and simplify network management with an agile, software-defined solution.

Lightning Fast Business Broadband

Cable Broadband

Whether your business needs a high-speed backup Internet solution or a solid primary connection, Nitel’s broadband Internet services offer a cost-effective way to keep your business moving. Power all your cloud-based applications and more when you choose Nitel for all your internet connectivity needs.

  • Cost-effective failover for primary internet connections
  • Affordable internet access for non-critical traffic
  • Internet access at difficult-to-reach locations or small offices
  • Additional bandwidth for times of peak traffic
Simple broadband management anywhere

For customers with dispersed networks, managing regionalized broadband providers can be frustrating and counterproductive. From finding the right vendor to managing installations, integrating them into your network, keeping track of invoices and navigating your way through technical support; the more vendors you have, the more effort you exert managing them. With Nitel at your side, we simplify the complex fabric of cable broadband internet services.

Protect your Network and Your Business

What Keeps Leaders Up at Night

For business leaders everywhere, a data breach is on par with the most damaging things that could happen to an organization.

Complete Security Solutions Customized for Your Business

Every business balances risk tolerance with budget as they determine the best strategy to fend off breaches or attacks. With Nitel, you have a team of experts ready to partner with you to determine the best way to keep your business safe.

Managed next-gen firewall

Whether you need enterprise grade protection, rock-solid protection for your SMB or distributed security architecture to avoid bottlenecks, Nitel has a solution to fit your business.


Protect your network with next-generation firewall and unified threat management capabilities with Nitel’s SD-Security solution, fully integrated with our SD-WAN solutions.

The right answer for carriers and service providers

One Stop for Network Anywhere

Extending networks beyond your physical footprint can be tricky business. Your network doesn’t reach everywhere – none of them do. So that leaves you to stitch together a patchwork of off-net vendors to reach your customers. And managing contracts, pricing, provisioning, billing and maintenance across all of them takes valuable time away from focusing on more important things.

Nitel simplifies the complex telecom landscape for carriers and service providers through our highly interconnected network that delivers instant ubiquitous coverage at the best price. Because Nitel is your single point of contact for worldwide network connectivity, you gain from the efficiencies and cost savings of having one provider for instant global coverage. You can expand your reach instantly, while streamlining contracting and back-office administration.

  • Reach individual customer locations
  • Extend network into new geographic areas
  • Augment or complement existing vendor relationships
  • Reduce off-net costs
  • Augment existing product set
  • Accelerate access to off-net areas
UBiquitous Network reach

The Nitel network is designed for you. By interconnecting the best regional, national and global carrier networks, we have created a platform that enables instant coverage to every commercial building across the country as well as deep international coverage. As your single off-net partner, you can eliminate the operational headaches of juggling multiple vendors.

a Refreshing service experience

We’re focused on more than just your network; we’re focused on creating strategic partnerships to support your organization’s growth. We’ll take the time to understand your business goals so we can engage with you in a way that delivers efficiency and creates value. During every phase of our relationship, we’ll offer you a flexible, custom service experience that’s right for you.

Pricing How You Want It

Efficiency is the name of the game to keep your projects on track. Obtaining off-net pricing shouldn’t be the thing that slows you down. With Nitel, it won’t. We offer three different ways for you to generate network pricing. With seamless integration into your processes, you’ll get instant pricing that will fit your customers’ budget every time.