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Onstream Media

Streaming Publisher

Streaming Publisher is part of Onstream Media’s Digital Media Services Platform™(DMSP), which ingests, manages, publishes and distributes video and other multimedia assets to any website.


This powerful webcasting platform requires no downloads or special training to use. It enables you to produce, schedule and invite attendees, and to deliver interactive.

Encompass Pro

EncompassPro is an interactive, online gathering space that can connect organizations with their target groups virtually and cost-effectively to reinforce.

Produce Virtual Events With Ease

EncompassPro is an interactive, online gathering space that can connect organizations with their target groups virtually and cost-effectively to reinforce relationships, generate business leads and grow revenue. EncompassPro offers video streaming, live chats, social interaction, virtual show booths and downloadable information to provide valuable business engagement.

As organizer, you’ll have access to recurring revenue and new ways to monetize participation through sponsorships, billboard ads, content syndication, pay-per-view and special events.

Who Uses It?

Businesses of all sizes use EncompassPro to improve their visibility, strengthen their brands and streamline communications.

Scalable, Mobile Optimized, Measurable

All of Onstream Media’s products are scalable, backed by world-class infrastructure, superior software and service. Our web-based virtual events are optimized for mobile devices, and they incorporate interactive and social features to maximize impact. Participants have the ability to view both live or on demand content, keeping them informed well after the live presentation and discussions are finished.

Our system analytics and lead-generation data ensure that the value of each initiative is measured and fully leveraged.

A New Way to Broadcast

Onstream’s Webcasting is a powerful, cloud-based platform that enables you to easily create, produce and deliver high quality live and on-demand streaming events to audiences of all sizes, anywhere around the world.

HTML5 Ready

Say goodbye to Flash and hello to HTML5 the new format that is supported natively on the most popular browsers. Our streams are delivered using HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

We will encode your high definition video at multiple bit rates and present the best experience for your audience.

Unlimited Audience

Leverage our robust content delivery infrastructure to reach thousands all over the world with no buffering.

Experts at Your Service

Event design and execution can be challenging. Rely on our streaming experts to assist when you need it. Our webcasting support hotline is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Accounting Firms

In today's challenging economic climate, firms need to be aggressive about acquiring new clients, growing relationships with existing clients and ensuring retention of key personnel. The key is to foster strong communication – both externally with customers and partners, and internally with your professional and support staff.

Virtual event technology – such as webcasting, webinars and conferences – can play a central role in differentiating your firm and driving revenue. Onstream Media is a pioneer in webcasting technology, providing customizable virtual meeting tools that present your firm in its best light.

Meeting with clients via web-based audio and video sessions can reduce time spent traveling and meeting in person, maximizing billable hours. Virtual meetings and events are also a highly effective way to provide training and facilitate team collaboration.

Onstream Media's tools can incorporate interactive features such as dual transmission of a speaker, via streaming audio or video, side-by-side with a PowerPoint presentation. Events can also incorporate polling, Q&A sessions as well as social media. Participants can join a virtual event from any internet browser, on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

Executive briefings - Use Onstream webcasting technology to update key clients, such as senior-level executives, on the latest regulatory issues, best practices in corporate governance or the new risk management approaches.

Media & Entertainment

In the film, TV, music and advertising industries, sharing content quickly and effectively is often business-critical. Onstream Media’s software provides your producers and editors with high-speed exchange of digital audio, compressed video and multimedia data communications, as well as the ability to manage, publish and distribute your content.

Content is at the heart of every media and entertainment business. Onstream Media is your online link to a vastly new way to create, collaborate and communicate online, to expand your brand and grow your target audience.

Our tools provide you with the ability to create, collaborate, analyze, encode, synchronize, categorize, deliver and store any piece of rich media – anywhere, anyplace, anytime. We help clients automate their processes and build new businesses with the content they already have.

At the core of Onstream’s offering is the Entertainment Digital Network (EDNet). EDNet is the creative industry’s standard for the highest quality and fastest exchange of audio, compressed video and multimedia data communications for studios, production, post-production, advertisers, producers, and directors, as well as for talent. EDNet’s network spans over 600 North American affiliates and nearly 200 international associates.

Employee E-Learning Solutions

Virtual events are valuable communications channels to inform and educate. Professionals in private industry, government, non-profits and educational institutions are using virtual learning tools, such as Web conferencing, webcasting and webinars to train, develop and motivate their employees and to reach out to their customers or constituencies.

Human Resources - Educate your new and existing employees about company policies and procedures, regulatory changes and company benefits. Hold executive-led “all-hands-n-deck” meetings to motivate and inform your employees about changes in leadership or strategic direction.

Sales and Outreach - Keep your sales or outreach team up to date on your organization’s mission, focus, competitor intelligence and relevant regulations. Onstream’s virtual meetings include audio, streaming video and downloadable documents, all of which can be accessed live or on demand.

Customer Training - There is no better way to hold customer-product training than in a highly collaborative setting, where learners can get their hands on the product by using application and desktop sharing. Record your training sessions for students to retain and review in order to help them get up to speed quickly.

Partner Training - Bring new partners or resellers on board quickly with live or recorded training sessions. Keep them current with regularly scheduled classes. There is no need for travel or onsite costs – you expand your business with minimal spend and great efficiency.

Present and Collaborate Anywhere with Ease

Whether you need to initiate a sales call, conduct a product demo, hold a face-to-face team meeting or extend your educational webinar to reach a larger audience, Onstream Live can help you do it all via a comprehensive all-in-one solution.

As any organizer knows, much of the work lies in scheduling, sending invitations, collecting registrations, emailing reminders, recording the session, and distributing follow-up communications. With Onstream Live, you are able to control the process yourself, or we can provide our “white glove” done-for-you service – from start to finish.

Easy To Use

The simple, intuitive interface makes starting and conducting a session easy for both hosts and participants – all that is needed is a web browser to join and HTML5 & WebRTC will run in the browser without any downloads needed. You can also integrate with other tools for seamless interoperability.

Comprehensive and Cost Effective

Conduct as many sessions as you like for one low, monthly rate – regardless of duration or frequency. Other features include email invites, reminders, registration collection, polls, Q&A, chat and real-time reporting.


Easily set up and manage your sessions from your desktop or mobile device. No hardware or software pre-installation, training or configuration is required. Sessions can be scheduled in advance or launched-on-the-fly.