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Take your complete business communications system with you anywhere.

Call Center

Easily customize call flows so your call center is tailored to your business.

Team Messaging

Keep team members informed; share real time updates and collaborate quickly.

Ooma’s Cloud Call Center Solution

Deliver a Great Customer Service Experience with Ooma’s Cloud Call Center Solution

Your call center is the hub for critical customer interactions, and Ooma Enterprise can play a major role in providing an unparalleled customer experience that improves loyalty and revenue.

Customer service challenges – solved.

Providing a world-class experience for every caller while efficiently managing resources and minimizing agent churn is no easy feat. Here are some of the specific challenges that customers faced before switching to Ooma:

How Ooma Enterprise call center improves customer experience.

Ooma Enterprise provides a complete, easy-to-manage, and effective cloud call center solution that supports your agents and customers with a smooth, positive experience.

Our hosted call center and cloud-based business communications systems are integrated. Any employee can log into a queue and take calls when volumes are high.

PBX Replacement Made Easy

Statistics indicate that businesses replace a legacy phone system only about once every seven years. If you think about how fast technology changes, this means that many companies are struggling with an outdated phone system. Ooma business phone service lives in the cloud and it will never be outdated.

How we can help replace your old phone system.

Ooma Enterprise makes the enterprise phone system transition painless and offers all of the advantages of today’s modern cloud unified communications systems.

  • Simple installation and complete support – With Ooma Enterprise, you’ll be out of the business of running a phone system.
  • A cloud-based solution – All the latest features are available to all customers without hardware upgrades or maintenance contracts.
  • One vendor simplicity – We are the phone system vendor and telecom provider.
  • The Ultimate Feature Set – If you haven’t used a modern phone system, you’ll be blown away by what it can do. Voicemail transcription to email, on-demand conferencing, call recording, fax to email, and smartphone support are just a few features of our cloud-based voice and unified communications system.

Enable Your Employees to Work

Enable Your Employees to Work Productively From Anywhere

The nature of work is changing. For many work is no longer a place, but a job that can be done from almost anywhere. Ooma Enterprise virtual office solutions are in high demand so workers can maintain business continuity and productivity from home, satellite offices, or other locations.

5 ways Ooma Enterprise enables your remote workforce:

Allows remote workers to use their corporate office system almost anywhere. They can enjoy four-digit dialing, call transfer, conferencing, call recording, and all the other enterprise phone system features that are available on their business IP desk phone.

The Ooma Enterprise app is a mobile VoIP solution that enables your smartphone to act as an enterprise phone. Take and make business calls without ever sharing your personal cell phone number and get all the enterprise-grade business phone features you need.

Our open APIs enable integration with popular CRM systems and other popular SaaS solutions, and remote workers get the benefits of these integrations, such as business process automation, when working at home or at the office.

Turbocharge Your Growing Business

Turbocharge Your Growing Business with Unified Communications

Most business owners who have made the switch to cloud-based business voice and communications do so to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Both are excellent reasons for turning to Enterprise phone systems. However, we have found that many business leaders are looking beyond the obvious tactical advantages.

A growing number of companies are turning to unified communications as a strategy for supporting business growth and brand awareness. At Ooma Enterprise, we are focused on helping our customers meet their business goals no matter what. We asked how our business phone system and unified communications solution have empowered growing companies. Here’s what our clients shared:

Video conferencing

Sometimes certain business interactions are better served by a face-to-face conversation. Video conferencing supports business growth by allowing your team to connect more deeply with customers without the expense of travel or asking them to come to you.

Enterprise Communications That Enables Your Company to Do More

Ooma creates customized Enterprise VoIP communications that perfectly support your team and business processes. We do so with an industry leading customer service model where we collaborate on every step – from discovery to deployment.

Collaborate. Share. Connect.

Video meetings, softphones, desk phones, and mobile apps. Each endpoint is customized to fit the needs of all your users.

Customizable. Flexible. Scalable.

Forget about being force fed cookie-cutter solutions. We’ll do deep API integrations no one else will do. Salesforce, Gsuite, Zendesk, and more.

Network Security. Redundancy. Reliability.

The Ooma Enterprise communications network provides unparalleled voice quality which connects your users across the shortest distances between 7 global POPs.

Customers are achieving greater efficiencies and better experiences with Ooma Enterprise.

See how Digi FX loves Ooma Enterprise’s flexibility and personalized customer care that provides solutions that perfectly fit unique needs for a wide range of clients.