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We understand eCommerce and the importance of a Gateway system that will take you to the next level. Our all in one solution will provide the tools necessary.


We have the Point of Sale system you’ve been looking for! Choose from a number of Value Added Apps and let us help make payment processing.


Are you a Software As A Service vendor, Money Service Business, Marketplaces or Payment Facilitator? We understand your business and can help integrate.

Power the Future of Payments

We make it easy to process eCommerce, retail, mobile and scheduled payments on any device, anywhere, all from one payment gateway platform.

Our goal is to help you create a consistent experience and streamline processing across all business locations and sales channels. This will improve your customers shopping experience and lead to increased sales.

Explore some of our features:
  • If you prefer to use an Apple or Android iPad in stores, this option is available by downloading IProcess free mobile payment application.
  • In-store customer, manually entered or online customer cards will be securely tokenized in our gateway, to further enable installment, recurring billing, or card on file purchases, all managed via a unified online portal.
  • Create invoices via the Virtual Terminal and distribute via email for easy and fast collection of payment.

Career Sales Professionals

Sell something your competition doesn’t have. Develop a financially rewarding career as a Sales Professional with Premier Payments Online.

Take Your Career And Income To Another Level

When you join Premier Payments Online, you’ll have access to resources and professional capabilities that will expand what you can do for your clients and for yourself. Our strength and stability will give your clients confidence and security as you grow your relationships with them.

The next five years of your career:

Over the next five years, we will witness unparalleled growth and change in the industries of Nutraceuticals, Healthcare, Telemedicine and video gaming, among others, that will represent a staggering figure of growth in the billions. Premier Payments Online will continue to lead the way in the arena of high risk underwriting and unconventional banking solutions throughout the expansion of those industries. Over the next five years, financial wealth will be accumulated by those Sales Professionals who are in a position to capitalize on the economic boom of our industries.

Features to complete your business needs

Cash Advance Program

PPO’s Merchant Cash Advance program, offered in partnership with RapidAdvance, provides a “no hassle” cash advance opportunity for businesses.

Risk & Fraud Management

Chargeback Mitigation and Fraud prevention tools available. Ask us how to best utilize Verifi & Ethoca, Iovation Device fingerprinting and custom reports.

Gift, Loyalty, Payroll Cards

PPO offers a gift and loyalty card program that replaces paper gift certificates with the look and feel of a major credit card. Payment Consulting Services

Keep your Customers card up-to-date

Adding a card on file is becoming increasingly popular with shoppers using multiple devices to buy online, sometimes simultaneously, and merchants work hard to create a frictionless experience to avoid checkout abandonment. Account Updater is a service that facilitates and encourages customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty by exchanging updated account information with VISA .

A frictionless 3D processing is accomplished by bypassing challenging Issuers and result in 70% transactions being 3D authenticated. Include a quick code to Merchant payment page and create a seamless checkout experience. Benefit from liability shift to Issuers for all fraudulent claims and 30% lower interchange rate. Applicable to eCommerce and MOTO transactions (using web based virtual terminal).

Ways to use a BIN Database

Merchants can access a BIN database, allowing them to tailor the product/service based on card type and card product type. E.g. pre-paid and gift cards may be blocked or presented with other offers. Some merchants are required to only accept debit cards or others may want to surcharge on credit cards.

Who We Are

Premier Payments Online is a registered ISO/MSP and Agent with multiple Acquirers’s and processing partners, offering merchant services both domestic and International. Via our network of providers we can service all merchant types and sizes.

Funding payments are made directly from the banks to the merchants. Any reserve funds (if necessary) are held directly at the bank – Premier Payments Online never touches our merchants’ money. For merchants requiring international processing, our customer service specialists can assist with the entire process, including establishing international corporations.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients and delivering superior products and outstanding service. One of PPO’s main strengths is its ability to discover and implement specialty processing solutions for unique business operations.

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