Bright House Networks

Telecom Provider



Military-grade fiber-optic strands direct to your home or business: No splitters to interfere with the connection.


Our direct fiber-to-the-home network design gives you dramatically higher capacity than coaxial cable for class-leading


For the peace of mind of a landline, get crystal clear connection—keep your phone number, lower your bill.

Let QXC Save You Money.

On average, we save our business customers 50% on their monthly landline phone bills. No add-on fees, no hidden costs: Just reliable VoIP phone service. Connect your business with QXC VoIP Voice and bundle with other digital business network services for even greater savings.

Get More for Your Business.

Productivity. Maximize mission-critical applications and enable faster file transfers with symmetrical bandwidth—the same upload and download speeds—up to 10 Gbps.

Reliability. Count on the superior performance and dependability of QXC’s fiber-optic and fixed-point wireless network—our exclusive high-availability backup means you never lose service.

Security. We engage the same sophisticated network engineering and best practices that have earned stringent U.S. military clearance to safeguard your business data.

Cost savings. Benefit from QXC’s nimble, futureproof fiber deployments—easy to manage and scale as your needs change, which saves you money today and down the road.

QXC Business WiFi

Connectivity solutions optimized for small offices, high-density environments and everything in between.

Smart mapping means no dead zones. We customize every install: Multi-tenant office buildings, marinas, warehouses, trading firms, boutiques, hotels, restaurants—no matter your business, our wireless solutions manage your digital load for high-performance, high-speed connectivity.

Managed WiFi

Maximize your network potential with WiFi appliances and wireless access points engineered to meet your business needs, so your team and your customers have high-speed connectivity when and where they need it.

And because we holistically manage it all from WiFi infrastructure to optimization, we’re able to pinpoint problems and inefficiencies faster than anyone else in the industry, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Industries We Serve

Residential Communities

Your HOA/COA residential community demands fast internet connections, top security and capacity that can handle peak demands. We customize your fiber network to deliver the very best in Internet/WiFi, TV and VoIP phone service to keep residents happy.

Residential Communities

Your HOA/COA residential community demands fast internet connections, top security and capacity that can handle peak demands. We customize your fiber network to deliver the very best in Internet/WiFi, TV and VoIP phone service to keep residents happy.


Drive your business performance and productivity with reliable fiber-optic and fixed-point wireless internet access: Seamlessly manage critical functions, with the speed and security you require, along with VoIP phone and TV—all from one trusted provider.

Our Engineering Process

1. Customer Service Agreement. Our Customer Service Agreement (CSA) outlines all available QXC products and services along with estimated costs. Leading with transparency, we provide a detailed outline of your project scope and budget estimate based on provided specifications.

2. Site Survey. Our field engineers visit your facility to better understand your needs and confirm project specifications. We take the time to assess the estimates made in the CSA and build a more concrete plan for deployment based on infrastructure needs, changes, unanticipated issues, etc.

3. Planning and Design. If no additional planning is required, we jump right into network installation. If more planning is necessary, our team develops a detailed plan prior to installation. Meticulous planning helps ensure that your project is deployed swiftly while staying within budget. Depending on your needs, we take care of permits and compliance requirements at this stage.

4. Installation. With all project expectations, goals and needs clearly communicated in advance, we deploy your network solution in the most efficient and cost-conscious manner.

Deliver on your promises with QXC.

Give your residents more of what they want from their home network technology: seamless connectivity and fast operating speeds, HD TV with top channels and streaming, and futureproofed fiber delivery that’s safe and reliable.

A better fiber network. By design.

To get the best performance, you need the best network architecture. That’s QXC’s Active Optical Network (AON) fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure—a dedicated fiber to every home. No splitters, just pure, single-strand fiber so users get full signal strength and no security risks. For most installs, a full gig is brought into your community which means exceptional capacity and speed for everyday streaming, gaming, surfing, and more. And it’s futureproofed to manage an ever-increasing digital load.

We won’t leave you in the dark.

QXC is the only service provider in South Florida to offer guaranteed backup using fixed point wireless connectivity*. If our fiber conduit is accidently cut by a contractor, the QXC system seamlessly switches to our wireless tower backup, so your service is never down.

We’re just one call away.

At QXC, we don’t just work to get your business; we work to keep it. Providing transparency with personal customer service you can count on, you’ll work directly with your dedicated community relationship manager to manage it all—install, resident onboarding, service calls, billing inquiries, and more.

An investment that pays you back.

We work with you to build a service plan that works for your community—no one-size-fits-all contract. No hidden fees. And our exclusive infrastructure ownership option allows your HOA to manage and maintain the network at the conclusion of the initial contract, which means significant long-term savings for your community.