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Rapid Scale

Reduce and Control Costs

Going virtual comes with predictable cost advantages. No hardware investment, pay-as-you-go pricing and reduced capital expenses.

Optimize User Experience

Milliseconds matter for business. A virtual infrastructure responds to bursts in demand, and puts applications and data close to users.

Simplify Compliance

Tier 3 data centers supports meeting regulations for healthcare, finance, government, and other highly regulated industries.

Secure Your Cloud, Grow Your Business

CloudSecurity – Security that Stacks Up

Managed cloud security is one of our greatest strengths. Combining security expertise and technology partnerships, we’ve developed a security stack that’s incredibly effective, affordable and a gateway to productivity and growth.

Leverage the Latest Security Products

We work with leading security technology partners to reinforce our defenses with proven security solutions.

Reduce Costs, Complexity, and Risk

Simplify IT operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services into one enterprise-grade cloud service.

Protection from Your Data Center to Ours

Our data encryption and security protocols help protect your data in motion, at rest and in use, even when mobile users access systems.

Protection from the Desktop to the Cloud

Operate from a Position of Strength

A multi-layer defense strategy tailored to your business, reaching from virtual desktops to hosting your data in our Tier 3 data centers, can put you into a position that enables both business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Protection

Unified Security Management™ provides an all-in-one approach to security management and threat detection.

Vigilant Services and Support

We complement our USM technology with a team of security experts, creating a complete security solution at a competitive price point.

Protect Customers & Your Brand

Moving data and applications to a RapidScale managed cloud platform enables data storage, backup, disaster recovery and secure access essential to supporting compliance in healthcare, finance, government, legal, education, energy and other regulated industries.

Regulatory Compliance Services from RapidScale

Digitization, the IoT, automation and artificial intelligence are compelling frequent changes to data privacy laws and reporting requirements. RapidScale leverages the newest proven technologies and expertise to support your compliance efforts and help you address cybersecurity threats.

Use Compliance to Drive Value

RapidScale helps to reduce IT costs and puts you in control of critical data. We engage SSAE 18-, SOC 2- and PCI DSS-certified Tier 3 data centers designed to help meet regulations for healthcare, finance, government, energy and other highly regulated industries.

Ultimately, our combination of security technologies and managed cloud services cost effectively help protect sensitive data while enabling you to use digitization to carve out new revenue streams and value-added services.

Protect Critical Business Assets & Your Customers

Disaster Recovery as a Service – Be Ready to Recover

Two factors determine effective disaster recovery – DR technologies and the team implementing them. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution with failover and journaling gives you the technology. RapidScale’s deep bench of cloud experts provides the expertise. Together, they add up to maximized value from data, applications and DRaaS.

Compliance Support

We’ve automated management of replication, backup and restore, data archiving and security to support your business with compliance.

Business Continuity

We’ll identify and protect both cloud and on-premises production environments to keep your productivity and revenue flowing.

Managed Device as a Service – Empower Your Workforce

RapidScale offers an all-inclusive Managed Device as a Service (MDaaS) solution providing businesses of all sizes with flexibility, support and peace of mind – whether extending your services into the field or supporting new work-from-home capabilities. Access the tools you use every day at any time, from anywhere, with a managed laptop or tablet for one affordable monthly price.

Cost Effective

Access hardware and support at one affordable, predictable monthly price. Avoid costly CapEx and hardware refresh costs by renewing your device at the end of the term.

Build Your Perfect Solution

RapidScale provides agility to grow and scale your business with a strong portfolio of fully managed cloud and add-on services that deliver customized and integrated solutions to meet your evolving business needs. Our MDaaS offering is designed for businesses of all sizes to extend the reach of your organizational capabilities through complementary cloud services.

An All-Inclusive Solution

Dramatically reduce your organization’s infrastructure, IT management and support costs with RapidScale’s MDaaS solution. Lease your choice of devices and mix and match them to fit the evolving needs of your business. Easily add new devices to scale on demand.

You’ll experience one affordable, predictable monthly payment that includes equipment, a Windows 10 software license (laptops only), professional services, maintenance, and support, with coverage for all devices.

Rely on RapidScale’s RapidResponse Support team to manage these devices, including imaging, connectivity, basic configurations, troubleshooting, hardware break/fix issues and even accidental damage, loss or theft coverage for the full lease term.