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Modernize VDI with Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

itopia is the leading cloud automation and orchestration platform for Google Cloud, available directly from the GCP Marketplace as a preferred solution.

With itopia, you’ll manage your GCP environments with the simplicity and visibility of a single unified console, so your IT staff will spend less time working on hundreds of manual, yet critical IT tasks, and more time adding value through strategy and innovation.

Deep Insights with BigQuery

itopia directly integrates with BigQuery so you’ll gain a steady stream of insights from itopia’s analytics dashboard to review historical user behaviors and computing activity. You can monitor, for example, session lengths per user, app usage frequency, and file access data, as well as view a breakdown of all GCP consumption costs.

itopia Automates Over 300+ VDI Management Tasks

itopia’s automation dynamically scales cloud infrastructure, powering VMs on and off based on real-time demand. And with over 300 IT management tasks automated, you’ll have the benefits of a fully-managed service without the limitations.

Quickly Deploy Apps to the Cloud the Easy Way

We reduce your IT staff’s workload by automating every aspect of GCP so enterprises can stop wrestling with complex infrastructures and focus on doing what they do best.

We make it faster and easier to deploy apps and desktops to the cloud with itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS): innovative, easy to use technology that delivers a fast and easy solution for desktops and apps in the cloud that saves you time and money.

itopia Makes App Delivery Simpler

itopia enables your remote workers to directly launch Windows apps remotely, with an experience like on-premises installations. A wide range of apps are available for remote access, including the most popular business apps like Microsoft365 and Adobe Photoshop.

itopia does this by orchestrating Microsoft RDS on Google Cloud, making remote desktops fast to deploy, secure, and easy to manage. Because itopia delivers and orchestrates a pure RDS environment to IT, unlimited customization is possible through the unified itopia management console.

Windows apps are deployed on Virtual Machines that are created by itopia. Those VMs are continuously monitored and can be centrally managed to peak efficiency.

Set Up Distributed Workers in One Day

Imagine a distributed workforce that you can manage from anywhere, scale up or down whenever you need to, effortlessly and securely. Every worker has their customized virtual desktop or business critical apps streaming to any device, with all sensitive data stored securely on the world’s highest-performing cloud network.

Make all of that possible and more with itopia, the leading cloud workload automation & orchestration solution, purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform.

Why is itopia + Google Cloud Platform the best choice?

Together, itopia and Google unlock every benefit of cloud computing while slashing costs and eliminating the complexity of legacy on-premises infrastructure. Whether you’re migrating from old-school VDI from vendors like Citrix or VMware, or are starting a brand new cloud environment for virtual desktops & apps, itopia makes it easy to get started quickly and securely:

  • Rapidly deploy and enable a distributed workforce at any scale in minutes, from anywhere.
  • Earn higher end-user satisfaction with high performance VMs on GCP’s low latency network
  • Give your hard-working teams a productive virtual environment they can access securely from any device
  • Empower your IT team to deliver strategic value to your company while letting itopia’s automation manage the day-to-day

with itopia Cloud Automation Stack

Rapidly equip workers with secure access to mission critical apps and corporate data — ensuring a flexible, quickly adaptable workforce.

Seamlessly manage your global, distributed workforce while leveraging itopia’s innovative automation to slash your cloud infrastructure costs and manage the environment for you.

Eliminate your on-premises infrastructure and replace it with a cloud-native “one-click” solution that your Tier 1 sysadmins will quickly master, while your senior-level IT staff can focus on higher value-add initiatives.

Automated Lifecycle Management

It begins when IT chooses what every user can do, either as members of a group, as individuals, or any combination. Provision users with standalone Windows apps, or a full Windows 10 desktop experience with a suite of apps.

itopia orchestrates Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to deliver end-user sessions through a web browser or RD-client, available on all major platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, Chrome OS, and more). There are no more endpoint devices for IT to manage. With a few clicks, one of IT’s greatest headaches for decades is put to rest with complete control over end-user devices — all managed from a single, unified control panel in the browser. End-users enjoy the freedom to use any device, from anywhere, to launch their virtual session and maintain productivity.

Discovery & Automated VDI Migrations

Migration from your existing infrastructure to GCP + itopia is super fast and easy with itopia CAS automated discovery tools. After running Discovery, itopia inventories the components of your current environment, including Active Directory users and groups and installed apps. This information, once gathered, enables a seamless migration to Google Cloud.

Orchestrate your deployment

With a few simple clicks, itopia orchestrates the configuration of your entire cloud deployment, including GCP’s network, firewall, computing, and storage configurations. itopia’s automation will provision your Microsoft RDS infrastructure on Google Cloud, including Active Directory, Group Policy Objects, RD Gateways, RD Brokers, RD Web, RD Licensing, RD Session Hosts, and File Servers — all within a matter of minutes.

Secure your Active Directory

Utilize our Trusted AD to connect with your on-premises AD and extend a Google Cloud-based solution for seamless connectivity to your cloud environment — ensuring global business continuity. All users and security groups are replicated and synced to GCP, without ever compromising the security of your on-premises AD.

Manage Global, Distributed Workforces on Google Cloud

itopia’s cloud automation and orchestration software enables organizations to deliver Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to thousands of workers located across the globe in as little as one day. The rapid provisioning process of Microsoft RDS environments is made possible by itopia’s intuitive, wizard-based control panel in the browser.

From itopia’s unified console, Tier 1 sysadmins with virtually no training can spin up Windows virtual desktops and apps for a variety of use cases in minutes — from light workloads of productivity apps, to heavier graphical and media applications. itopia’s automation platform makes this possible with easy-to-add custom images, intelligent user routing to nearest GCP data centers to ensure low latency, all delivered from a unified “point-and-click” console in the browser.

Our software enables the security policies, rules, and permissions from your on-premises AD and readily extends it into Google Cloud with a secure AD Trust. This trust acts as a bridge so that there’s no compromise in the security profile of the environment.

Finally, itopia leverages GCP snapshots to maintain robust data redundancy and provide instant disaster recovery. By equipping your workers with remote desktops and apps hosted on Google Cloud, your workforce has secure access to their familiar business apps and corporate data on any device, accessible anywhere.

Equipping Your Distributed Workers
  • Migrate from your legacy VDI stack to a lightweight DaaS with itopia on Google Cloud. Transition from costly and complex on-premises infrastructure from vendors like Citrix or VMware, and benefit from the dynamic scalability of on-demand cloud resources — only pay for what you use.
  • Readily enable your global workforce to have secure access to business-critical Windows apps and company data from any device (including the popular Chromebooks) to ensure their continuous productivity from any location.
  • Swiftly onboard workers by the thousands across multiple regions with your automated provisioning and the ability to build custom images directly from itopia’s wizard-based console.
  • Automate over 300+ critical IT management tasks to allow your Tier 1 sysadmin to manage the full lifecycle of your deployments with ease and no chance for human administrative error.
  • Cost control lies in your hands with tools for optimizing cloud resource demands: automatically power VMs on and off as needed to match end-user demand, or even schedule VM uptime in advance based on pre-set schedules.
  • Learn from your environment’s resource usage with analytics powered by GCP’s BigQuery. itopia generates cost insights to help you optimize your deployment over time and save dramatically on compute and storage costs.