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Your host for this series is Laura Cole, Vivial’s V.P. of Marketing. Laura has worked with local businesses over the last.

We Are a Connectivity Company

Getting what you need, where you need it as fast as possible can be the difference between business success and failure. By building our own Fiber network over existing current infrastructure, WOW! Business delivers greater flexibility and higher speeds than most Ethernet service providers—delivering customizable speeds from 5Mbps up to 10Gbps.

Updated website design with targeted promotional content

Your website should give pet owners a good feeling about entrusting their pets to your care, and help engage them with your business. An updated design that looks great on any size screen, and content like pet photo galleries and coupons, are just a few of the ways we can teach your old site some new tricks.

TLC Pet Care Centers

TLC Pet Care Centers needed some care themselves, and turned to Vivial to help sort out the challenges of two locations, multiple names, addresses and phone numbers and to increase their online reach.

Our Marketing Platform, a Responsive Design Website, SEM and Print Directory Ads generated 850 leads and delivered nearly 7,000 connections. We also optimized nearly 200 online directories with accurate business information for both locations. And the result? $180,000 potential new revenue.

Giving the people what they want.

While promoting your products is key, there is much to be said for also publishing information that consumers find valuable but doesn’t push what you sell.

The dentist who publishes how to brush articles, or the fitness club posting proper weightlifting technique videos … this kind of content marketing—blog articles, how-to-guides, reports—raises awareness of your brand, builds goodwill among consumers, positions you as a knowledgeable leader in your field, and helps boost your search engine rankings.

Whether creating your own content fills you with anxiety or inspiration, we can help. Vivial will generate unique, relevant content that’s optimized for search engine visibility (the Holy Grail of online marketing). Let’s get started.

BestRate Auto Insurance

Created custom content that reached 52,482 potential customers while optimizing 78 directories.

Our Directory Optimization Highlights

Google, Bing, MapQuest, Yelp, and are just a few of the hundreds of places where your business could be listed right now—but either isn’t listed, or is but with incorrect information.

This is frustrating to users trying to find you, and hurts your SEO rankings.

Reviewing, claiming, and correcting all those listings would be a full-time job—without Directory Optimization from Vivial.

Whether you have one location or 100, we can employ this powerful tool to ensure your information is accurate and everywhere customers are looking.

Eric’s Alignment Center

Had listings claimed or optimized in 157 directories that reach area vehicle owners.

TLC Pet Care Centers

Had listings updated or added to 194 online directories where customers go looking for pet supplies.

Legal & Professional Services

You’ve got a solid business, you’ve paid your dues, you have a lot to offer – so why aren’t you getting hits on your website? Why are you showing up on page 3 of Google results? We feel your pain, and we have your solution. Professional service providers from attorneys to CPAs grow their client base by learning the critical do’s and don’ts of properly reaching your decision-making audience. Where to start? One word: Vivial.

The Gil Law Firm

The Gil Law Firm wanted to boost their online presence to reach customers in the Dothan, AL market. With our Marketing Platform, Directory Optimization, SEO,, Online Display Ads and SEM, they did just that.

All in, their new program generated 500 qualified leads and 2,000+ connections, not to mention the exposure to nearly 400,000 potential clients, improved Google rankings, and optimization of hundreds of online directory listings. Click below to get all the specifics.

Your business. It’s what we’re all about

Vivial is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results. We help businesses of all types increase their visibility using turn-key solutions, allowing our customers to get back to running their business while we work behind the scenes to get them results.

Vivial’s mission is to help our customers grow their business, whether that is through our easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology or a custom marketing campaign that we create, implement and monitor. Easily said, Vivial makes the complex simple.

Our Management Team

The talented executive leadership team at Vivial is charged with ensuring our continued focus and success. Together, these individuals balance day-to-day performance objectives with innovation and growth opportunities; their shared goals are to transform the way we serve customers and to sustain our leadership position.