Bright House Networks

Telecom Provider


High Quality Voice

Largest on-net phone number footprint in the US with 90%+ of calls originating and terminating on-net, achieving industry leading 97% call completion.

Ease of use

100% self-service via our Admin Portal and APIs, backed by the support of our Service Delivery teams.


As a Tier 1 Carrier, we help you eliminate the middleman and saving your business 20-40% on your existing communication service.

Voyant Sip Trunking

Tier 1 Carrier Network

Offers high-quality voice service where over 90% of your inbound and outbound calls transit on-net via our 100GB voice backbone.

Epic Scale

Network capacity to support 100,000 concurrent calls. Whether your enterprise has a need for only 10 or up to 100,000 concurrent calls, Voyant's network can handle it.

Expansive Phone Number Footprint

Available in over 11,000+ on-net rate centers and thousands more via off-net carrier partners.

Fully Geo Redundant

Connect to multiple points of presence via public Internet, MPLS, VPN or TDM.

Voyant Fax

Cloud-based Faxing To And From The Desktop

Voyant Fax is a cloud-based faxing service that provides secure, reliable and affordable document faxing from anywhere using just your browser and an Internet connection. Voyant Fax was designed from the ground up to support end user businesses as well as partner organizations.

Fax Wholesale Feature Set
  • Send and receive fax from anywhere with web browser
  • Nationwide on-net local phone number footprint
  • Create documents within the fax portal with a built-in text editor
  • 6-month fax archiv
how it works

By simply connecting our fax ATA and your existing broadband connection with Voyant’s HTTPS-based faxing service you will be ready to securely send and receive faxes.

Voyant Webinar Library

November 12, 2018 UC Product Release Update

Preview the enhancements coming to Atlas and CAP with the November 12, 2018 Voyant UCaaS product release.

Voyant Connect for Desktop

See the latest release of Voyant Connect for desktop.

June 25, 2018 UC Product Release Update

On June 25, 2018 Voyant released product updates to the Customer Administration Portal (CAP) and Atlas to include phone number search tools, a portability check tool, BYOD device add-on capabilities and more.

March 26, 2018 UC Product Release Update

On March 26, 2018, Voyant released a major update to the Customer Administration Portal (CAP) which increased performance speed, improved navigation and consolidated data organization.

Voyant Partner Program

A Partnership You Can Trust

Voyant is a leading provider of cloud-based business communication services. We operate a facilities-based, nationwide Tier 1 network that covers 90%+ of the U.S. population.

Products And Services That Help You Win

With Voyant's business communication services as part of your offerings, your business will benefit from increased sales opportunities that will provide a recurring revenue stream to your business.

Program Support To Help You Succeed

Our partner program is designed to help you to quickly and efficiently maximize your client relationships in order to drive new revenue opportunities — our dedicated channel team is always at your service.

Partner Leading Incentives

Voyant rewards our partners for driving growth with enterprise customers. In addition to one-time monthly commissions, you’ll be eligible to receive generous incentives with each new sale.

Unified Communications

Our UCaaS service integrates business telephony, messaging, video and collaboration in a simple-to-use interface so users can stay connected anywhere from any device. wheel

Voyant is a cloud-based provider of business communication services offering a portfolio of application services and API services including Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, Messaging, Faxing and SD-WAN data services. Voyant is one of the only business communication service providers that operates a nationwide tier 1 local voice network with over 9,000 rate centers reaching over 90% of businesses in the U.S. Voyant is a GTCR company.

Reliable Voice Solutions for Business

We offer a full portfolio of voice services to keep your business reliably connected. Our enterprise solutions are designed for businesses of any size. Whether you’re a start-up with 15 employees or a large established corporation with over 500 team members, you deserve an enterprise-class solution at a price that fits your budget.

Boost Productivity with Effective Collaboration

Build a strong company culture while ensuring a productive business environment. With a unified communications solution that connects regionally dispersed office and remote employees by phone, messaging, video and screen sharing… your staff will be empowered to deliver their best work.

Enable teamwork, reachability, responsiveness and productivity

Voyant Connect for desktop and mobile devices makes meetings more effective. The drag and drop interface allows employees to collaborate quickly with integrated directory services, group IM, presence and screen sharing capabilities