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Secure Cloud

The Cyber Secure Cloud Platform combines an enterprise-grade architecture featuring multiple Tier IV Data Centers. Including IDS & IPS.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services offer cutting-edge solutions for your business IT, encompassing everything from network performance and monitoring, cloud management

Disaster Recovery

Our fully managed Disaster Recovery solutions eliminate the complexity and cost for organizations having to build out redundant systems for BC/DR.

Cyber Secure Cloud Platform

SMB solutions featuring enterprise-grade architecture, multiple Tier IV data centers and a security configuration with intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services.

Meet the Cyber Secure Cloud PlatformTM from’s multi-layered approach to security begins with the physical security of clients’ data; deployment of its cybersecure and compliant cloud exclusively in Tier IV Data Centers that are distributed across the United States for geo-redundancy and enforcement of the most stringent security policies available.

Real Time Monitoring

Organizations are provided with visibility and transparency for cloud security, and resource performance in real time.

  • Real Time Threat Visibility
  • Threat Detection
  • Threat Prevention
  • Threat Severity
  • Threats Blocked

OS Managed Services

Let us be an extension to your IT department by managing Operating Systems from the WHOA service catalog on your cloud servers. offers a Managed OS Service for the operating systems (OS) we offer our customers.

This service helps provide an extension to IT departments to manage Operating Systems with the installation, administration, maintenance, monitoring, and optional special services for managing Operating Systems. This service is for Cloud Servers running Windows and RHEL OS’s from our WHOA Catalog.

This managed service provides supplemental support to assist with various OS issues that could possibly occur. Although this service does not include management related to Applications, our Cloud Engineers will work with Customers on helping to resolve application related issues on a best effort basis to keep your Cloud Solutions running. We also implement best practices for OS optimization for workloads such as SQL or Exchange, to ensure that your applications will have minimal issues and optimum performance. It is important to note that this service does not include managing end user applications or issues.

For more detailed information on’s Managed OS Service or any of our managed or professional services please contact us.

Managed Monitoring

Gain additional resources on your IT team, with our Monitoring Managed Service.

It can be challenging to allocate IT manpower resources to monitor and manage critical components of your virtual environments. WhoaLogic Monitoring Managed Service is a supplemental proactive monitoring service for Public, Private, and Hybrid solutions that will serve as additional support to your IT team to monitor and resolve all of your critical alerts for you 24x7x365.

Our NOC will carefully monitor all critical components in your environment, as well as designing a custom escalation strategy should issues arise. Customers are able to subscribe to this service at a per VM level, providing flexibility and cost efficiency for critical servers that require this level of high touch service.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Simplify your Disaster Recovery and Accelerate Recovery Time offers fully managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions to meet your critical disaster recovery strategy. We eliminate the complexity and cost of organizations having to build out fully redundant systems to have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Our DRaaS offerings provide assurance that in the event that disaster strikes at your primary datacenter, your protected virtual servers will failover and become functional to allow for your business operational sustainability.

Disaster comes in many forms whether it is natural, power failures, hardware failures, network outages, software failures, or just plain human error. Our DRaaS solutions will protect businesses from any form of determined and declared disaster to prevent data loss and downtime to keep your business critical applications running.

This Disaster Recovery service is available on our Secure Cloud for the following scenarios:

  • WHOA Secure Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud
  • WHOA Private Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud
  • Customer on Premise Cloud to WHOA Secure Cloud

Advanced networking with our Cloud DNS’s Cloud DNS service utilizes a highly scalable multi-datacenter, multi-country cloud platform and provides web-based self-service access to highly-available cloud DNS features and functionality. The DNS cloud infrastructure is built using Anycast architecture and high end infrastructure, which provides security and scalability.

Meet the demands of your business with Load Balancing.

We understand this need, and so we include a virtual Load Balancer with every cloud solution. Our standard Load Balancer provides inbound load balancing for all traffic including web traffic (HTTP), with features such as round-robin algorithm and it supports “sticky” sessions – all to eliminate slow performance anddowntime while ensuring a positive experience for both users and customers.

For businesses with exceptional demands and extreme web site traffic, offers a premium load balancing solution. Our premium load balancer provides advanced traffic management, application acceleration, application security, and offloading functionality. In turn, you will enjoy heightened control over your web site and its traffic, with supreme simplicity and flexibility, and the maximum level of service integration. WHOA will help you to determine if this upgraded service is right for your business, as we employ our high level of customer service.

The Advantage

Far Beyond Commoditized Infrastructure

It takes ingenuity to create a cloud infrastructure with enterprise grade security, intrusion detection & prevention services, providing compliance readiness for business.

Real Time Visibility Into Your Cloud Security

When it comes to moving to the cloud, the advantages are clear, but what about cloud security? Watch this video to see what our next-generation secure cloud can do for your business.

Security and compliance for regulated industries.

The enterprise secure cloud features a multi-layered approach to security and maps compliance requirements to our secure cloud solutions that mirror security best practices.