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Network QoS and Reliability

ZeroOutages ZO-IP services delivers a virtual IP address which can be utilized across multiple broadband connections. These features are perfectly paired with VoIP and UCaaS deployments to ensure reliability.

Cloud-Based Network Security

A cloud-based security solution with built-in application control, content filtering, intrusion detection, anti-malware and sandboxing. Ditch that old firewall for next-gen highly scalable security as a service (SaaS).

Branch Office Connectivity

Improve site-to-site network reliability and performance with FlexPrem™ SD-WAN. Replace existing MPLS deployments with a fully meshed configuration and active/active failover for unsurpassed network reliability.

What Is SD-WAN?

Software Defined Wide Area Networking or SD-WAN is the future of Internet connectivity

SD-WAN improves the performance and reliability of an organizations Internet and private WAN connectivity. SD-WAN provides comprehensive routing control to ensure 99.999% uptime when combined with 3 or more broadband connections.

ZeroOutages solutions work through a combination of three elements that work together to deliver unsurpassed WAN connectivity for optimizing cloud-based hosted applications.

These three elements include: 1) a ZeroOutages device deployed at the customer's location, 2) an aggregation platform deployed at the data center (used to terminate tunnels from the customer's ZeroOutages device), and 3) a management system from which ZeroOutages support team monitors each ZeroOutages device and the tunnels which connect the customers back to their data center vendors.

Why ZeroOutages

ZeroOutages mission is to prevent downtime for our customers, this includes downtime from both network outages as well as security threats which can paralyze an organization. As most businesses are moving to the cloud, the ability to ensure fast, reliable and secure access to these applications has become mission critical.

Comprehensive SD-WAN Services

ZeroOutages Virtual IP Services

ZeroOutages FlexPrem SD-WAN™ services provide the most efficient traffic routing in the industry. With unique and patented capabilities, ZeroOutages delivers on the promise of SD-WAN, i.e. lower costs and improved performance and redundancy.

Site2Site Services

Customers with large multi-site deployments can utilize our Site2Site SD-WAN service to provide faster, secure, and reliable connectivity between these locations, data centers, headquarters, and remote vendors or cloud services by incorporating our ZO-Connect platform.

ZO-Connect Services

The ZO-Connect platform is designed to enable multiple ZO-IP sites to communicate with one another in order to establish site-to-site connectivity. ZO-Connect provides a virtual hub site for customers in order to enable fully meshed configurations, access to remote vendors and customers using IPSec tunnels, and remote end-user access via our universal OpenVPN clients. ZO-Connect is a great add-on to any enterprise deployment, it is the "swiss army knife" of the SD-WAN industry.

With this add-on service our customers can quickly setup secure remote connectivity between offices with built-in acceleration and redundancy for cloud-based applications with two or more Internet links.If you need to connect two or more offices to each other with complete accessibility ZeroOutages provides the most comprehensive solution on the market. Further, our Site2Site cloud services support the latest AES encryption technology to ensure a highly secure connection for your mission critical data.

ORION Cloud Security

ORION Cloud Firewall Enterprise Package Management

The ORION cloud security services are hosted within the ZeroOutages CloudDMZ for customers that wish to ensure the greatest possible protection for their network. ORION provides an application and content aware platform for managing end-user traffic while sandboxing potentially malicious file. With full Active Directory integration ORION provides per-user control over web site access via a variety of categories which are updated dynamically.

What Is CloudDMZ?

The CloudDMZ service is part of our SD-WAN infrastructure, which is built within a global network of over 50 regional data centers. The CloudDMZ service enables our customers to deploy virtual "on prem" Windows and Linux servers along with edge firewalls and other applications regionally, at the edge of their local area networks, via our SD-WAN network.

ORION Endpoint Malware and Ransomware Protection

The ORION endpoint security employs a comprehensive approach, instead on using a single technique to block security threats, the ORION solution uses a combination of leading next-gen capabilities deep learning and artifical intelligence to detect BOTH known and unknown threats before they can create greater harm to the network and end-users.ORION Endpoint Detection and Response - Endpoint detection and response capabilities are needed to go beyond prevention to detect additional threats, investigate further, and respond with confidence. ORION utilizes top-rated endpoint protection in a single solution, so organizations can answer the tough questions about security incidents.

Intelligent WAN Vector Routing™

ZeroOutages unique MPLS solution integrates the best of MPLS and SD-WAN architectures. Learn how to reduce costs but maintain quality and reliability.

Advantages of MPLSv

ZeroOutages technology is the perfect way to reduce costs but still get the performance of MPLS networks. FlexPrem SD-WAN™ ensures the highest possible quality and even greater reliability and security over standard MPLS networks.

Windows Servers

The CloudDMZ service enables our SD-WAN customers to quickly and easily deploy new Windows servers within their own "extended LAN" environment. These are the latest Windows Servers with 64-bit operating systems. Access to the servers is performed via RDP and once deployed are fully managed by our customers. ZeroOutages can apply network-based firewall rules to lock down external access as requested.

The SD-WAN Specialists

ZeroOutages has developed a comprehensive set of SD-WAN based tools for our MSP partners. Our goal is to assist our MSP partners with the cloud infrastructure so that they can focus on core competencies. By taking advantage of ZeroOutages' SD-WAN services our MSP partners can reduce costs for their customers while improving their own margins.

Sales Resources

ZeroOutages has developed a number of resources for our partners to market and sell SD-WAN services to their customers.

ZeroOutages hosts monthly webinars to train partners on our products. Customer specific webinars can also be arranged to assist our partners sell to new customer prospects.

The SD-WAN Specialists

ZeroOutages has developed a comprehensive set of SD-WAN based tools for our MSP partners. Our goal is to assist our MSP partners with the cloud infrastructure so that they can focus on core competencies. By taking advantage of ZeroOutages' SD-WAN services our MSP partners can reduce costs for their customers while improving their own margins.

Deliver Seamless Redundancy and Accelerated Cloud Applications with SD-WAN

If you are an MSP that offers VoIP, remote desktop, VPN, or firewall services to customers, you need an SD-WAN toolkit. Even the newest firewalls can't provide virtual IP services, nor can they deliver cloud acceleration or the cloud-enabled security services incorporated within ZeroOutages SD-WAN platform.

ORION Cloud Security

ZeroOutages ORION security services allow our MSP partners to reduce costs and simplify service delivery through the deployment of cloud-based firewall-as-a-service, threat mitigation, intrusion detection, malware and ransomware protection, per-user content filtering, endpoint protection and cloud-based application control and management.


ZeroOutages is an SD-WAN company. Providing a unique set of tools for Network Monitoring, QoS and WAN Optimization, along with Advanced Cloud Redundancy for mission critical applications. ZeroOutages ensures uptime for our customers through an array of patented wide-area network management services.
Protect Your Virtual Desktop

ZeroOutages SD-WAN solutions ensure that our customers have seamless access to the cloud 24/7/365. This seamless access is especially important for virtual desktop users that need connectivity in order to work.

Increase Network QoS Performance By combining multiple Internet connections ZeroOutages can increase overall network bandwidth. In the event of high latency or minor packet loss on one of the links, ZeroOutages will dynamically shift applications over to the better performing link. This service includes bandwidth prioritization and traffic shaping.