threatINTELLIGENCE by threatSHIELD security, provides the 'Missing Piece' in Cybersecurity with the most advanced 12 Layer, REAL-TIME threat detection available on the market today!
t-INTELLIGENCE is an agnostic REAL-TIME platform that sits in line with the existing Firewall and Anti-Virus to detect and stop malicious traffic the Firewall and Anti-Virus cannot detect!
t-INTELLIGENCE detects and stops all invisible threats and malicious processes REAL-TIME while it eliminates all false positives.

When adding the industry's leading Cybersecurity platform, t-INTELLIGENCE, you will add the biggest asset to your IT department/organization, as it effectively protects, detects and stops attackers REAL-TIME without any overhead to your IT department. t-INTELLIGENCE enables your IT Staff/MSP to focus on your core IT issues, while t-INTELLIGENCE focuses on your Cybersecurity!

100% success rate with a proven record of 5+ years without a single breach, t-INTELLIGENCE provides:

  • Scalability – Able to perform from SMB to fortune 500
  • Reliability – 100% REAL-TIME detection and elimination of all false positives
  • Flexibility – Agnostic platform, INTELLIGENCE AS A SERVICE
  • Easy – Fully managed for your convenience, up and running in 5 to 10 minutes without disruptions to your network
  • Excellence – 100% success rate