VIRTIS eliminates the exposure gap in Web App & API Security IMMEDIATELY, Protecting you from ALL your known vulnerabilities within hours, even minutes upon deployment. Our revolutionary award-winning SHIELDING Technology is the safer, faster, and more cost-effective choice over traditional Web App Protection methods that fall short, leaving you exposed.

VIRTIS currently offers the only stateful, 24/7/365 fully managed Web APP & API service. We fully manage the application lifecycle and de-risking the application development process by bringing DevOps and SecOps closer together, ensuring safe delivery of applications quickly, securely, and in a cost-effective, pragmatic way. Risk acceptance is no longer needed. Exposure is immediately eliminated. No tools, No Resources, No Developers needed—nothing to manage on your end.

We can automatically risk prioritize issues based on issue severity and the system value at risk. It's easy to gain deep, risk contextualized insight into the cybersecurity risk performance of all of your third parties as well. With risk prioritization, you know exactly where to start. CEOs & Board level executives love this because you can provide reports showing your risk score and how you benchmark against industry peers. You can defend the money your spending with confidence.